ID&T needs to reorganize.

According to a spokesman, several dozen jobs will be lost at the company that is known for dance parties such as Awakenings, Sensation and Mysteryland.

The dance party organizer does not want to disclose exactly how many jobs it concerns, because the application is still before the employees for advice.

The staff was informed on Monday.

Since March, ID & T's core business, organizing parties, has come to a standstill.

"In the plan as presented today, it concerns 40 percent of the jobs that will be lost."

According to CEO Ritty van Straalen, these are very difficult and emotional times for the company and all employees.

"The impact of this crisis is unprecedented."

The reorganization appears to be necessary, despite the fact that ID&T makes use of government support measures and has reached a settlement with three of its four insurers.

"Despite this, the losses are taking on enormous proportions and there is no clear dot on the horizon."

With the reorganization, the company, which was founded by a group of friends in the 1990s, says it is pre-sorting for an even worse scenario.

"In it, it may still take a considerable time before we are fully operational again."