From 7 o'clock on October 1st, the expressway will appear the peak of Beijing

  On October 7th and 8th, 16:00 to 20:00 will be the peak time for returning to Beijing, and the queue at some main stations will exceed 3 kilometers

  Beijing News (Reporter Pei Jianfei) Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee that during the Mid-Autumn Festival of the National Day this year, all toll roads in Beijing will be exempted from tolls for passenger vehicles with less than 7 seats (including 7 seats).

 Two days before and two days after the holiday, highway traffic pressure is prominent

  The National Day Mid-Autumn Festival is the first long holiday in Beijing since the epidemic has lifted its medium and high risks. The citizens have a strong desire to travel. It is expected that domestic long-distance, short-distance, and urban tourism will increase compared with this year's May Day holiday, and the passenger flow of urban parks and tourist attractions will increase.

  The Municipal Transportation Commission predicts that the expressway traffic volume during the National Day holiday will increase significantly compared with the May 1st and Dragon Boat Festival this year. The average daily traffic volume will reach 2.3 million vehicles, an increase of 1.7% year-on-year and an increase of about 17% compared to September this year; The peak day traffic volume is expected to approach or reach 2.49 million.

  The traffic pressure in the direction of going out of Beijing in the early period of the holiday and the direction of entering Beijing in the later period will be particularly prominent. Among them, the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th are the key days. Many key highway sections will continue to have concentrated traffic flow and traffic operation during peak hours. Stressful situation.

It is expected that the peak time for leaving Beijing will be from 7 am to 12 am on October 1st, and the peak time for returning to Beijing from 16:00 to 20 am on October 7th and 8th. The queue at some main expressways will exceed 3 kilometers.

  The distribution of traffic pressure will still be uneven. The Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, Beijing-Kaisha Expressway, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Sixth Ring Road, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway, and Jingtong Express will be particularly prominent. The Capital Airport Expressway will be lower than usual, but Due to its own characteristics of normal congestion, it also needs to be focused on.

Free passenger cars will pass from 0:00 on October 1st

  This year, the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival will continue to implement the holiday free pass policy for passenger cars.

The free pass time is from 0:00 on October 1st to 24:00 on October 8th, 2020. For ordinary toll roads, the time when vehicles pass through the toll lane of the toll station shall prevail, and the time when vehicles leave the exit toll lane for expressways shall prevail. , Waiving the entire fee for the entire journey.

The transportation department said that during peak traffic hours, the toll station will guarantee a 100% opening rate.

  During the exemption period, for MTC small buses with 7 seats or less (including 7 seats), from 18:00 to 24:00 on September 30, pick up the paper pass at the toll lane at the entrance toll station and normal at the exit toll station Pay to pass.

From 0:00 on October 1st to 18:00 on October 8th, the free special passage for small passenger cars will keep the railing raised during holidays. MTC small passenger cars entering the expressway do not need to receive paper passes at the entrance toll station lanes, and charge at the exit Direct access to the station is free.

From 18:00 to 24:00 on October 8, small passenger cars need to pick up a paper pass at the entrance toll station. Those who leave the exit toll station during the free time do not need to return the paper pass or pay the toll. Free admission.

Traffic pressure around landmarks such as the Forbidden City is always high

  The transportation department predicts that September 30 is the last working day before the holiday. Due to the superimposed influence of multiple passenger flows in and out of Beijing, commuting, tourism, shopping, etc., the traffic operation pressure in key areas such as railway stations, airports and bustling commercial districts will increase.

  It is predicted that during the epidemic, international tourism will be under control and domestic tourism will pick up.

The passenger flow of railways and civil aviation will increase significantly compared with the May 1st and September this year, and it is expected to return to about 80% of the National Day Golden Week before the epidemic.

It is expected that during the festival from October 1st to 5th, the flow of people in 11 parks, museums, bustling neighborhoods and shopping streets in the city will increase significantly. Road traffic around the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beihai, Zoo, Nanluoguxiang, Olympic Park, etc. Public transportation stations are under pressure.

  The outskirts of tourism will also increase, and most citizens will travel by car. The Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Daguang Expressway, East Sixth Ring Road, Jingtang Road in the suburbs, such as the Badaling Great Wall, Leduogang Holiday Plaza, Gubei Water Town, Beijing Wild Animal Park, etc. , Shunmi Road and other nearby scenic roads may be congested.

  From October 6th to 8th, the flow of passengers returned to Beijing concentratedly. It is expected that passenger flow will increase in the railway station, airport and other key stations and the surrounding road traffic will be under heavy pressure.

  In addition, the urban area Fragrant Hills-Botanical Garden, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Badachu, Summer Palace, Zoo, Yuyuantan, Temple of Heaven and other urban landmarks have concentrated passenger flow and vehicle flow. Traveling on the National Day holiday is hot and the surrounding traffic pressure is always high; Fangshan Shidu in the suburbs , Tongzhou Grand Canal Forest Park, Changping Ming Tombs, Badaling-Juyongguan Great Wall, Miyun Reservoir, Gubei Water Town, Heilongtan, Daxing Wildlife Park, Yanqing Baili Gallery and other scenic spots, as well as some country parks around the road traffic will be relatively concentrated, traffic The pressure is more prominent.


  Tiananmen area and Xiangshan will have temporary control

  From 0:00 on October 1st to 24:00 on October 8th, the road on the east side of Tiananmen Square and the road on the west side of Tiananmen Square will be prohibited from passing vehicles (except for motor vehicles with special activity permits). Passing vehicles (including public electricity and cars) are allowed Detour Zhengyi Road and West Road of the Great Hall of the People.

  From October 1st to October 8th, every day from 8 am to 19:00, Nanxincun Street (Hongfeng Road to Xiangshan South Road) in Xiangshan District will not allow motor vehicles to drive from east to west.