Thermal insulation of a roof using rigid panels of glass wool.



It is a measure estimated at two billion euros and which will concern the estimates signed after October 1, 2020. The aid for thermal renovation of housing, MaPrimeRénov, provided for in the recovery plan, could finance up to “90 % of the estimate ”of modest households, announced Sunday the Minister of Housing.

It can be requested from January 1, 2021.

Help for all

"For the most modest households, the aid can go up to 90% of the budget, then it goes down to 75%, 60% and to 40% for the more affluent households", clarified Emmanuelle Wargon in an interview with

Sunday Newspaper


"The bonus will be calculated according to income, location of housing and type of work," she explained, indicating that a simulator to know its amount will be presented on October 5.

It will be paid “from the construction phase”.

A bonus of up to 1,500 euros will benefit the work that allows individual houses to come out of the status of "thermal strainer".

Eligible work ranges from “replacing an old boiler” to “comprehensive renovations”.

In Ile-de-France, switching to a pellet boiler can be supported up to 10,000 euros, assured the minister.

The State expects the creation of 22,000 jobs

Donors and condominiums are also eligible for this aid, which according to the minister will create "22,000 jobs over two years".

Finally, the system of energy saving certificates (EEC), which obliges energy suppliers to finance energy saving actions under penalty of penalties, is maintained but controls will be reinforced to "avoid abuses. ".


France would have 4.8 million "thermal strainers"


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