Xinhua News Agency September 27 electric Taiyuan

title: Internet sales of agricultural products to be featured farmers harvest festival highlights

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Lei and Li Ziwei

  "Old irons, take a look at our unique three white melons in Wanrong. They are high in selenium, low in sugar, rich in amino acids, refreshing, juicy, and suitable for all ages." Likes and comments on the screen, all kinds of agricultural products sold out soon.

Yang Yujie has been preparing for the 2020 China Farmers Harvest Festival Special Agricultural Products Online Sales Challenge.

  At the main venue of the 2020 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival-the Yellow River Farming Civilization Expo Park, Wanrong County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, 12 live broadcast rooms for online sales of agricultural products occupy a prominent position.

The rapid development of online e-commerce has extended to the agricultural field, and online sales of characteristic agricultural products have become a highlight of this year's Farmers Harvest Festival.

  It is understood that this farmer harvest festival held a special agricultural product network sales challenge.

The anchors of the 12 live broadcast rooms come from all over the country, and they sell special agricultural products from poor areas in their hometowns through live broadcasts.

  The reporter saw at the venue that the audience surrounded various webcast rooms on three and three floors to watch the anchor promoted products. There were live frames, several cameras and various delicately packaged agricultural products.

A large part of the audience took out their mobile phones and found an online live broadcast room on the live broadcast platform to realize the simultaneous presence of both online and offline. Many people placed orders on their mobile phones. After two or three days, they would be at home. Receive "deliciousness" from the place of origin.

  Since the opening of the Farmers Harvest Festival, the live webcast room has always been the most lively place in the main venue.

"It turns out that the live broadcast we watched was made like this!" a viewer said excitedly.

  Zhao Wenzhi, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shanxi Province, said at a press conference earlier that due to the impact of the epidemic this year, online sales and live streaming have become new ways of selling agricultural products.

  Zhao Haipeng is the person in charge of a commerce company in Shanxi that specializes in agricultural products. He uses live webcast sales as his main marketing method.

Since the beginning of this year, the company's sales of agricultural products have reached 5 million yuan. Three years ago, the annual sales were only 1 million yuan.

  "Anchors can usually get the goods directly from the place of origin or the factory. The prices are cheap and the things are authentic. I often buy agricultural products in the live broadcast room." said Mr. Li, a live crowd from Wanrong County.

  Online sales have also cleared the way for farmers in mountainous areas to get rich. Many farmers have opened live broadcast rooms to sell agricultural products for the villagers.

According to the relevant person in charge of Alibaba, at the Alibaba Harvest Festival launched in late August, Taobao joined 300,000 merchants to create a "Double 11" for agricultural products and sold 840 million agricultural products.

  The reporter learned that the "footprints" of farmers anchors on Taobao have covered more than 2,000 counties in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country, and more than 100,000 farmers anchors have helped the villagers get rich.

  Wang Xiaoyan, from Xiangxi, live-broadcasts the sale of goods at the Farmer Harvest Festival. She is an authentic Tujia farmer in Jishou City, Hunan Province. She has been broadcasting the characteristic agricultural products of the seller’s hometown through the web and has 100,000 fans on the live web platform. He is also a farmer "net celebrity".

  "My hometown is deep in the mountains, and I can't make money as a farmer. Then there was a live webcast. I helped the villagers sell whatever they planted. The agricultural products were sold, and the villagers became wealthy. Fans across the country also saw my hometown. I am very proud of the beautiful mountains and rivers!" she said.