China News Service, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, September 26 (Cai Minjie and Cai Gaoyang) After more than 3 years of construction, the passenger and cargo ro-ro terminal in the Nanshan operation area of ​​Xuwen Port District, Zhanjiang Port, Guangdong Province opened on the 26th, shortening the sea voyage between Xuwen and Haikou Half, the sea voyage is about 1 hour, and the Qiongzhou Strait waterway is more convenient and unobstructed.

  At 9:45, with a sound of the ship whistle, the first ro-ro passenger ship "Bauhinia 22" from Xuwen Port left the berth and moved forward with waves in the direction of Hainan.

The picture shows the Xuwen Port Comprehensive Transportation Hub Building.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Shipping Group issued by China News Service

  “I learned about the opening of Xuwen Port before, so I booked the first ferry ticket to the port at high speed, which is very convenient.” Mr. Wang, who is planning to travel by car in Hainan, said that the equipment at Xuwen Port is intelligent and user-friendly. Easy to board the ship.

  Xuwen Port is 12 nautical miles away from Haikou New Sea Port in Hainan Province, and the sea voyage is about 1 hour, which is only half of the previous ferry crossing time.

The project is designed with an annual passing capacity of 3.2 million vehicles and an annual passing capacity of 17.28 million passengers.

  According to reports, the Xuwen Port project is based on the concept of “smart port” during the construction process. The eight boarding gates are like airport boarding gates. There are bridge connections between the waiting area and the ships. Passenger boarding is the same as boarding at the airport. The machine is almost the same.

  From the self-service ticket vending machine on both sides of the gate, to the self-scanning code on the smart device to check the ticket, and then to the "face-swiping" person card comparison, enter the waiting area, walk up the bridge to board the ship, the whole process can be completed in about 8 minutes.

If passengers purchase tickets online in advance, they can also board the ship directly with their ID cards and "swipe their faces", which takes less time.

  Not only that, the whole process of ticket purchase, inspection and boarding of trucks can be completed on smart devices. The inspection can be completed in less than 20 seconds as soon as the trolley, and the owner can also bind the license plate number for "senseless payment".

  Xuwen Port has 16 ro-ro passenger and cargo berths and 1 dedicated ro-ro berth for dangerous goods vehicles, which can accommodate 7 to 8 ro-ro passenger ships for simultaneous loading and unloading operations.

Equipped with a port passenger terminal, a long-distance bus terminal, and a pick-up point for city buses and private cars.

  Yang Xianchang, chairman of the Guangdong Shipping Group, said that the completion and commissioning of Xuwen Port has created a modern integrated water and land transportation hub that seamlessly connects roads, waterways, and railways, and opens up a link to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and facing Hainan. The new channel of Qiongzhou Strait.