Israel protests against Netanyahu and his handling of Covid-19 continue

Protesters outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem on September 26, 2020. EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP

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Israel sets new records for the number of infections.

Prime Minister Netanyahu calls on Israelis not to visit synagogues during the Yom Kippur celebration.

Like every week, Saturday evening, September 26, demonstrations against Benyamin Netanyahu took place across Israel and especially in Jerusalem.


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From our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Michel Paul

Convoys of cars on the roads to Jerusalem despite containment.

This week again, demonstrators converged on the home of Benjamin Netanyahu on Balfour Street in Jerusalem, fewer than usual.

With fines, the police enforced the distance between the participants in the protest movement.

We will continue no matter what

 ," says Professor Menahem Klein, an activist for Israeli-Palestinian rapprochement.


The government is suffocating us.

We are not allowed to do what we want, although the health situation does not justify confinement.

They want to prevent us from demonstrating but we will not stop breathing,

 ”he said.

"Part of the population is indifferent"

Ilan, a regular since the first hour of these rallies, is outraged by the government's attempts to limit the demonstrations.


I think it's a scandal.

This is very serious.

People have to demonstrate.

They must protest.

And what is happening today is very tough measures.

And part of the population is indifferent,

 ”he laments.

As for Prime Minister Netanyahu, he addressed the Israelis asking them not to go to synagogues exceptionally this year on Yom Kippur.

As Israel sets new records for Covid-19 contamination, it recognizes that mistakes were made after the first containment last spring.

And for once, he didn't mention the protests.

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