The first cup of milk tea after autumn reflects the online habits of consumers

  Hot spot observation

  Commercial behavior is accompanied by changes in consumption habits and is an inevitable product of changes in production and life.

  The first cup of milk tea after autumn quickly blasted social networks and made it to the hot list.

The emotional attachment of young people is not limited to offline flower delivery and watching movies, and online and catering have begun to form a new economic form.

  Milk tea culture originated in Taiwan, China. With the mental work of industrialization and informatization, white-collar workers urgently need a quick meal replacement product that can bring sugar and calories in the increasingly popular business exploration and complicated mental work.

With the gradual industrialization transformation in Mainland China, a large number of white-collar workers quickly accepted the consumption of milk tea from the same cultural area with traditional tea drinks and convenient production methods and the ubiquitous offline physical online stores, forming a milk tea consumer market And milk tea culture.

Chain milk tea such as "Hi Tea", "Naixue's Tea" and "Bingcheng Mixue" are integrated into the new consumer business environment, bringing preconditions and expectations to consumption.

  The explosion of milk tea is to stimulate the conspiracy of consumer businesses and the media.

Chinese businesses are good at designing group festival activities.

"The first cup of milk tea after autumn" is similar to the Double Eleven Shopping Festival.

"Double Eleven" was extended from a simple double 11 in a Chinese cultural area to a lonely bachelor, and then quickly fermented into a "single day" of retaliatory consumption, and formed a "single day" based on group interaction and cultural perception. "Buy, buy and buy" culture, the shopping festival actually forms a group-buying effect that packs purchasing power, which exists in the form of a disguised profit destocking by merchants.

The “first cup of milk tea after autumn” encouraged consumption. The public opinion in the media and the emergence of resumption of work have gradually restored consumption in milk tea shops that were originally affected by the epidemic.

  The milk tea economy reflects the online consumption habits of young people.

In the past, young people from love to marriage market were all offline and physical interaction structures. However, the development of the Internet and the progress of social logistics systems and supply chains have made the concept of personal attachment of love affected by technological progress.

The past real companionship derives digital robot pets and commercial escort, wake-up services and other services, breaking the traditional cinema culture of popcorn cola consumption and KTV fruit plate and beer consumption.

A cup of steaming milk tea delivered by takeaway brothers across regions brought about by e-commerce has become an important medium relying on the emotions of young people, reflecting the online consumption habits of economic consumers.

  Commercial behavior is accompanied by changes in consumption habits and is an inevitable product of changes in production and life.

From "the first cup of milk tea after autumn" to the supporting commercial chain economy and white-collar cultural consumption, the supply chain is gradually improved, the upstream and downstream production is gradually matched, the logistics distribution system is fully developed, as well as digital information processing and terminal distribution. The test of ability.

The consumption of milk tea from scratch to form a cultural effect is the product of the market integration of the development factors of China's socialist market economy. It is reflected in the economic behavior of young men and women in milk tea consumption, and is also reflected in China’s active integration into the world’s diversified consumption. On the micro level of individual culture in the world market.

  "The first cup of milk tea after autumn" is an outbreak of consumption power suppressed by the epidemic, and it is also an optimistic attitude of young people to overcome the epidemic under the encouragement of love.

From consumer culture to business festivals to media hype, all are the existence of modern consumerism accompanied by the integration of the "milk tea economy" into modern production and lifestyle.

An important way to stimulate the economy is to increase consumption and realize supply-side structural reforms. Consumption innovation based on the simplest emotional expression is also a method of economic recovery in the post-epidemic era.

  □Situ Zhengjin

  (Financial commentator)