China News Service, September 25. On September 24, Yili Group and Dada Group, China's leading local instant retail and distribution platform, announced a strategic cooperation upgrade.

Dada Group founder, chairman of the board and CEO Kuai Jiaqi and Yili Group Vice President Guo Yunlong formally signed a cooperation agreement at the Yili headquarters in Hohhot.

The heads of the six business units of Yili liquid milk, milk powder, cold drinks, yogurt, healthy drinks, and cheese jointly participated in this signing and exchange.

  According to the strategic agreement, the two parties will carry out diversified business cooperation based on Yili's full-category products, focusing on digital marketing innovation, global user operations, category management, and supply chain capacity building; jointly innovate and jointly lead China's dairy and healthy food products in real time. The development of the retail sector.

Dada Group and Yili Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

  At the signing ceremony, Guo Yunlong, vice president of Yili Group, said: “Yili Group and Dada Group have always maintained close, in-depth and all-round cooperation. In the field of instant retail, complementary advantages have jointly created many revolutionary and innovative The sales and marketing model has brought a more convenient consumption experience for Chinese consumers. Yili has always adopted the corporate vision of “becoming the most trusted health food provider in the world”, and will work with Dada Group to increase its investment in instant retail R&D investment and resource investment, leading the Chinese food industry to a new era of extremely convenient instant retail."

  Kuai Jiaqi, founder, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Dada Group, said: “Yili Group is the first brand to reach cooperation with Dada Group and is one of our closest partners. Over the years, both parties have continued to deepen their diversified business. Cooperation and innovation have always been at the forefront of the digital upgrade of China’s dairy industry, and jointly established the industry benchmark for the dairy industry to explore the development of instant retail. JD Daojia, a subsidiary of Dada Group, as China’s leading local instant retail platform, will give full play to its role in the future The accumulated resources and experience in global marketing, category operations, and supply chain capacity building have helped Yili Group achieve faster sales growth."

Helped Yili’s sales to triple, the rapid growth of all categories, and set the benchmark for instant retail dairy products

  Yili has cooperated with JD Daojia since 2017, and is the first brand to start cooperation with JD Daojia.

During the cooperation process, the two parties continued to expand the boundaries of cooperation, driving Yili's entire product category to achieve sustained high growth.

Currently, JD Daojia has become one of Yili's fastest-growing sales platforms.

From January to August 2020, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the offline passenger flow is reduced and the sales of dairy products are declining, with Yili's high-quality products and JD Daojia to connect offline and online, the ultimate service of one-hour home delivery Experience shows that Yili’s overall sales of all categories have tripled in the same period last year. Its six business units, liquid milk, yogurt, cold drinks, milk powder, healthy drinks, and cheese, have achieved rapid growth in sales and achieved growth against the trend.

  This year, Yili ranks among the top five in the "2020 Global Dairy Top 20" list, which is also the highest ranking of Asian dairy companies on the list; JD Daojia has also ranked first in the market share of Chinese local retailers' super O2O platform , Covering more than 1,000 counties, districts and cities nationwide, with more than 40 million active users.

Yili and JD Daojia have always been at the forefront of exploring real-time retail sales models and marketing innovation.

JD Daojia’s first "live shopping 1-hour delivery" new model combines "live-streaming delivery" with "1-hour delivery" to achieve a complete instant shopping experience closed loop of online viewing, online ordering, and 1-hour delivery. Here comes a revolutionary upgrade of the live shopping experience.

Yili is one of the brands with the deepest cooperation in the field of live broadcast with JD Daojia.

Guo Yunlong, vice president of Yili Group, also visited JD Daojia's live broadcast room to help consumers popularize food and health problems and bring goods with strength.

This live broadcast also refreshed the record of viewers in the JD Daojia live broadcast room.

  Yili has fully participated in iconic marketing IPs such as JD Daojia Super Brand Day, CP Daojia, Super Fan Day, and New Product Festival, and has repeatedly created peak sales.

Through targeted marketing, Yili helps Yili to build user minds, build brand loyalty, and increase user purchase frequency.

At the same time, with the help of the in-depth cooperation between JD Daojia and's "Which Natural Selection" project, retail stores will realize the simultaneous launch of JD Supermarkets through JD Daojia's entry system, and at the same time achieve integrated performance services at the store level.

This will help Yili realize a new global marketing model that integrates multiple "domains" such as offline stores, JD Daojia, and JD Mall.

Diversified business all-round in-depth cooperation to create highly innovative products and marketing

  The cooperation between Yili Group and Dada Group is upgraded. According to the strategic agreement, the two parties will carry out diversified cooperation in digital marketing innovation, global user operations, category management and supply chain capacity building.

In terms of digital marketing innovation, JD Daojia will create more customized marketing IP activities for Yili to fully tap sales potential.

In terms of global user operations, JD Daojia will help Yili open up global user data, and help Yili to conduct in-depth research on global user behavior and formulate differentiated user operation plans through the big data analysis capabilities of the Monica system.

At the same time, Yili will continue to improve the exclusive brand hall and accelerate the development of exclusive brand members.

In terms of category management, the two parties will jointly explore the consumption characteristics of Yili's products in the O2O channel, construct a more targeted product structure for consumers, and stimulate consumption potential.

Kuai Jiaqi and Guo Yunlong visited Yili Jinchuan workshop

  On the day of the signing ceremony, Kuai Jiaqi and Guo Yunlong visited the Yili Rudu Museum, Chilechuan Fine Milk Source Base, Yili Jinchuan Workshop and other places. During the visit, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on supply chain capacity building.

In the context of consumption upgrades, consumers have put forward higher requirements for product innovation and product personalization.

With the help of the two parties' cooperation in global big data, Yili can analyze the consumption habits and user characteristics of different regions, cities, and regions, and explore community-based and regionalized reverse customized products with JD Daojia to create a refined supply chain system.

At the same time, relying on the Dada Haibo system can help Yili realize the integrated management of O2O omni-channel prices and inventory, help Yili optimize sales strategies and promotion methods in real time, and improve supply chain capacity building.