Mitsubishi Motors Voluntary Retirement Recruitment for 500 People in Japan Impact of New Corona September 26, 5:35

Mitsubishi Motors, whose business performance is sluggish, has decided to solicit voluntary retirement from 500 employees working in Japan.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, etc., the final deficit of 360 billion yen is expected this year, and we are aiming to hurry to recover by rationalization.

Mitsubishi Motors is forecasting a final deficit of 25.7 billion yen last year and a deficit of 360 billion yen this year due to the impact of the new coronavirus and other factors.

According to the people concerned, the company also decided in November to solicit voluntary retirement from employees aged 45 and over on a scale of 500 people.

We have already started recruiting overseas, but this time we are expecting to recruit in Japan such as the head office, Okazaki Plant in Aichi Prefecture, Mizushima Plant in Okayama Prefecture.

Mitsubishi Motors has decided to discontinue the production of the Pajero, which drove the four-wheel drive boom, and is proceeding with rationalization by adjusting the production of the i-MiEV, an electric vehicle that started mass production ahead of the rest of the world. ..

As the effects of the new coronavirus may be prolonged, the company is rushing to rebuild by rationalizing and reducing labor costs through voluntary retirement, and will focus on its business in Southeast Asia, which has a relatively high share of sales.