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stock price of Nikola, a hydrogen truck company in the United States, which I mentioned a few days ago, has fallen by 76% in the last three months.

However, there are many Korean individual investors who have invested in Nikola, so there are still more than 100 billion won in money.

Individual investors are active these days.

In the past six months, it is individuals who have supported the domestic stock market, and overseas stock trading has also increased significantly. Reporter Seung-pil Kim reported on whether ants can keep a good return for a long time amid this stock craze and how to do so.


Jung Yoon-mi, a senior in college, took over an account from his father and made a direct stock investment for a month.

Ten years ago, my father opened an account in his name and bought stocks.

[Jung Yoon-mi/College 4th grader: Now that I have what I should have sold, I've become a piece of paper.] I'm

addicted to YouTube

and I'm

studying stocks, and I want to continue investing.

[Jung Yoon-mi/College 4th grader: Because I don't think it's a breakthrough.]

This college student started buying stocks in April and made a high return.

[Lee Joo-hyung/Korea University Value Investment Club: At such a good time, I (yield) 80%…


Like this, the number of young people who jump into stock investment is increasing significantly.

Of the new accounts of securities companies this year, 27% are in their 20s and 30% are in their 30s, and the so-called 2030 accounted for 57%.

I recently met an author who became a hot topic by writing a paper analyzing individual investors.

[Kim Soo-hyun/Seoul National University, Master of Anthropology: I interviewed the operator first.

He is saying that 200 people have visited during the history of the trading room for over 10 years.

However, I was shocked to hear such words that all but two of them are now losing money and leaving the office.] As

a result of observing and interviewing full-time investors for three months after entering the so-


trading room', individual investors generally fail in the third stage. I analyzed that it went through the process.

First of all, beginner's good luck,

[Kim Soo-Hyun/Seoul National University Master of Anthropology: Many people who are investing now start when the market is so good, and at first they have a lot of timidity, so they are very likely to make a profit.]

Next, we raised the investment amount. You enter the stage of confirmation bias to believe only what you want to believe.

Lastly, even if the stock price falls, it will buy more and endure, and eventually the loss will increase.

[Kim Soo-Hyun/Seoul National University Master of Anthropology: Card loans or insurance breaks and stocks with that money. I try to collect all the money I don't really have, and I lose it and leave when I can't help it anymore...


Experts stress that the last six months have been an exceptional market.

[Kim Young-ik/Professor, Sogang University Graduate School of Economics: I made money, it is easy to invest in stocks.

I think they can get seriously hurt sooner or later.

It's not that easy for stocks.] The

stock market is hitting an all-time high with a credit loan balance exceeding 17 trillion won.

It is advised that investments made out of debt must be avoided.

[Kim Hak-gyun/Shin Young Securities Research Center Director: If you do stocks with money that can't stand the time, the probability of failure is very high.

Try adjusting for just one week.

It's pretty hard to bear.] The'com

bubble' 20 years ago and the'fund craze' in the mid-to-late 2000s.

Both times, when personal money went to the stock market, the results were not good.

He said that in order for the so-called Donghak ants to be recorded as a collective success case for the first time, there is only a principled way to invest in the long term by buying stocks of good companies with extra money.

[Kim Hak-gyun/Shinyoung Securities Research Center Director: I think I should invest with money that can be tied up for a long time with money that can beat time.]

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