The early closure of bars at 10 p.m. from Monday in 11 major cities angered professionals in the sector.

"We can no longer do anything, we are sugar four hours of operation", alarmed a cafetière of the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

This is another hard blow for bar owners.

The government announced the early closure of bars at 10 p.m. maximum in 11 major cities across the country, angering industry professionals.

This closure may even be even earlier, depending on the decisions taken by the prefects concerned by Monday.

Several dozen coffee makers gathered on Thursday and symbolically threw the keys to their establishments in the 11th arrondissement of Paris on the ground.

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Thursday, September 24

"We threw our keys to tell the town hall to do something about our establishments. There is nothing more we can do. I run a night bar, we start our activity at 5 pm until 2 am. There we are sugar four operating hours, the four hours when people go out the most, "expressed concern over Europe 1 Laurent Ribeiro, who runs a bar in Paris.

Angry restaurateurs symbolically put their keys on the ground in Paris (11th) to protest against the early closures for health reasons.

They denounce a stigmatization of the profession.

- Remy Buisine (@RemyBuisine) September 24, 2020

"Let the state pay our rents!"

This early closure also raises fears of a total closure of bars and restaurants, as in Marseille and Guadeloupe.

"It has closed in Marseille, we feel that it will be our turn next week", worried Laurent Ribeiro, who calls on the public authorities to help a sector already very weakened by the pandemic.

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"We can understand that there is a very serious pandemic and that our establishments are a problem. But then protect us! Whether the State or the town halls pay our rents, that our social and tax charges are borne by the State, otherwise we can not. "