Cooperation includes preparing investment studies, exchanging visits and coordinating partnerships

The "Dubai Chamber" signs an agreement with the "Tel Aviv Chamber" to support the business

  • The "Dubai Chamber" confirmed that the agreement will contribute to expanding the horizons of economic cooperation at the regional and international levels.

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Yesterday, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce, represented by the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, to enhance cooperation in a number of basic aspects related to doing business on both sides, and to promote coordination of joint efforts in a way that serves the interests of the business communities on both sides. After the start of diplomatic and economic relations between the UAE and Israel.

The terms of the agreement include cooperation in conducting economic studies on bilateral markets, investment opportunities and growth prospects, partnerships that can form the basis for bilateral cooperation in various economic sectors between the two sides, in addition to organizing virtual events on growth opportunities and cooperation between the two business communities, exchanging visits of economic delegations, and organizing Joint business forums, as well as cooperation in the fields of entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises.

Organize and coordinate

The agreement includes the participation of "Dubai Chamber" in organizing and coordinating future trade and investment relations and ties between the business communities in Dubai and Israel, as the "Dubai Chamber" is the representative of the emirate's private sector, and its membership includes more than 250,000 companies.

This agreement contributes to expanding the horizons of economic cooperation at the regional and international levels, as its benefits will not only benefit the business communities in Dubai and Israel, but will extend to include all concerned parties and business communities in the Middle East region, which translates Dubai's approach to building bridges of cooperation and supporting transient global partnerships. For boundaries that benefit economic growth in the region.

New stage

The Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hamad Buamim, said that the agreement comes within the framework of a new and vital phase of ties between the business communities in Dubai and Israel, considering that the openness of Dubai's economy to global markets and its leadership in various economic fields makes Dubai a partner of weight and importance. Quality for most global economies.

Buamim added that the agreement paves the way for more channels of cooperation in many key sectors, noting that studying bilateral markets, understanding investors' requirements and priorities, and identifying areas of cooperation are matters that constitute the first phase of cooperation with the Tel Aviv Chamber, to serve the strategic development goals of both sides.

Investment opportunities

Buamim stressed that the partnership agreement aims to enhance the prospects for economic growth and prosperity in the region, as it provides investment opportunities for all parties in the region, and focuses on creating an appropriate and competitive environment for doing business that will benefit business communities throughout the Middle East.


In turn, the head of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, President of the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce, Yorel Lynn, said, “This agreement with (Dubai Chamber) supports the peace treaty between the UAE and Israel, and creates a partnership between the two countries, who have worked hard to build strong and prosperous economies for the benefit of their people.

"This agreement will contribute to building bridges of joint cooperation in the sectors of advanced technology, tourism, aviation, investment and real estate, especially in the areas of clean technology, irrigation, agricultural technologies, digital medical care, and many others," he added.

Opportunities increase

The strategic cooperation agreement signed by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce confirms the role of the "Dubai Chamber" in representing the business community in Dubai. The chamber works to increase opportunities for the private sector and create a fertile ground for attracting local and international investments, in addition to providing Opportunities to exchange experiences and necessary skills training, to enhance the ability of its members to conduct their business.

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