Mariëlle Bartholomeus has been elected top woman of the year 2020. She is medical director and neurologist at the Bernhoven hospital in Uden.

The jury praised her for her authenticity and her form of leadership, "with which she gives people confidence and empowers them".

According to the jury, Bartholomeus played an important role during the corona crisis.

A huge number of corona patients were admitted to her Brabant hospital.

The jury is impressed by how they dealt with that crisis.

"The many compelling examples in which she does not put herself in the foreground, but shows clear leadership in this crisis, was the deciding factor."

The two other nominees were Conny Helder, director of TanteLouise, a chain of care centers and nursing homes, and Ellis Jeurissen, director of public health and ambulance care at GGD Brabant Zuidoost.

The election of Top Woman of the Year was held this year for the sixteenth time.

The foundation of the same name wants to give female talent the opportunity to show themselves as a role model.