The ninety easyJet pilots who work for the company from Schiphol Airport will refrain from any pay rise for the next two years.

This will allow the pilots to keep their jobs, the airline and pilots union VNV announced on Thursday.

Earlier this year, easyJet announced it would cut a third of its jobs across the company in light of the corona crisis.

The Dutch pilots no longer have to fear this.

EasyJet is still in talks with the VNC trade union, which represents the company's Dutch cabin crew.

That concerns more than two hundred employees.

Before the corona crisis broke out, it was agreed that the pilots would receive an extra salary in April of this year, but that has now been canceled.

The company also already saves on the pilots' salaries because part of their remuneration depends on the number of flying hours and these are hardly ever made.

After KLM, easyJet is the largest airline at Schiphol.

Normally, the company carries about six million passengers annually.