In the new round of the NOW scheme from the beginning of October, all applications may be pre-checked to prevent abuse.

The Court of Audit writes in a letter to the Lower House that this is a possibility, now that experience has been gained with the scheme.

The previous NOW schemes to help entrepreneurs through the corona crisis used advance payments and ex-post controls to ensure speed.

No statement from an accountant or financial service provider was required for applications under 20,000 euros.

This results in a lot of extra work for the UWV, which carries out the retrospective checks.

Applicants who are acting in good faith can also run into problems if they have done something wrong with their application, according to the Court of Audit.

Up to the beginning of July, the scheme had been used 139,000 times and this involved 18.8 billion euros, the Court of Audit writes.

About 60 percent of the applications came from smaller entrepreneurs, who did not have to submit a statement.

"Relatively speaking, this accounted for a limited part of the expenditure, but it concerns 650 million euros", the letter states.

That is why, according to the Court of Auditors, it is important that this expenditure is also audited from now on.

Incidentally, the Court of Audit has not yet investigated to what extent the scheme has indeed been abused.

This will happen at a later stage, as part of the Accountability Survey 2020.