Collaborating with Mobile-i to bring advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving systems to the UAE

Al Habtoor: The local economy will recover within two months, if restrictions are eased and airports are opened

Khalaf Al Habtoor and Shashua following the signing of the cooperation agreement.

From the source

The Al Habtoor Group stated that the economy of Dubai and the UAE will recover within two months, in the event of the easing of travel restrictions and the opening of international airports, especially European ones, noting that the UAE provided financial facilities to the business sector during the period of the Corona pandemic.

Strategic cooperation

In detail, the Al Habtoor Group and the Mobile-Eye Company announced yesterday a strategic cooperation to introduce advanced mapping technologies for advanced driver assistance systems, self-driving vehicles and smart city solutions to the UAE.

The two sides stated, during a press conference held in Dubai yesterday, that they intend to establish a long-term cooperation to develop mobility solutions in the UAE based on the autonomous vehicle technology provided by "Mobile-Eye", pointing out that vehicles equipped with the widespread "Mobile-I" technology In the region, it will collect smart city data to help municipalities and businesses create a real vision, as well as enhance road safety for residents, and lay the foundation for a driverless mobility system in the future.

The best solution

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, founder and chairman of the Al Habtoor Group, said: “We will bring the best Israeli artificial intelligence solutions into the UAE, and I am confident in the value that this new technology will add to the comfort and safety of drivers on the roads.”

Al Habtoor added: “I believe that this technology, which will enter the country under this agreement between the Al Habtoor Group and (Mobile-Eye), will improve the quality of life for all residents of the UAE.”


Al Habtoor said, in statements on the sidelines of the conference, that some economic sectors in the local market have witnessed improvement during the recent period, including retail, while some other sectors, such as tourism, need more time.

He stated that in the event of easing travel restrictions and opening international airports, especially European ones, the economy of Dubai and the UAE will recover within two months, pointing out that the UAE has opened its airports and is applying all precautionary measures and measures.

Al Habtoor pointed out that "the UAE provided financial facilities to the business sector during the pandemic period, and we hope that the Central Bank will extend the facilities and exemptions until the end of next year."


For his part, the President and CEO of "Mobile-Eye", Senior Vice President of Intel, Professor Amnon Shashua, said, “This historic cooperation between (Mobile-i) and the Al Habtoor Group represents an opportunity to enable UAE cities to accelerate the development of smart cities. And the development of transport services using the latest technology ».

He added, "The vision that the mapping technology provided by (Mobile-Eye) will reveal to the Al Habtoor Group, along with the autonomous driving solutions that will be provided in the future, which will greatly enhance the daily life of the region’s residents.

Innovative steps

The cooperation to develop smart city solutions and promote driverless driving services in the UAE is based on major innovative steps, including:

Smart City Solutions: In early 2021, the Al Habtoor Group expects to equip vehicles with the Mobile-i8 Connect system, which is a collision avoidance system that combines real insights for safer driving, mapping of autonomous vehicles and city planning.

- The "AV" test: Later in 2021, it is expected that autonomous vehicles supported by mobile-i technology will be used in Dubai to begin testing public roads, and to benefit from the innovative high-quality maps and insights gained from Al Habtoor's fleet of vehicles, as a prelude. To use driverless mobility solutions in the region in the future.

Khalaf Al Habtoor:

"We will introduce to the UAE the best Israeli artificial intelligence solutions."

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