23% increase in companies closed or closed this year Most likely due to corona impact September 24, 6:52

According to the credit bureau's summary, the number of companies that were closed or closed from January to August was more than 35,000 nationwide, an increase of more than 23% from the same period last year.

The deterioration of business performance due to the impact of the new coronavirus has been a blow, and the number of companies that are closed or closed is likely to be the highest since the survey began.

According to credit bureau Tokyo Shoko Research, 35,816 companies were closed or closed nationwide from January to August, an increase of 23.9% compared to the same period last year.

If this pace continues, it will exceed 50,000 companies annually, and it is possible that it will greatly exceed the record number of 46,700 companies since the survey began in 2000.

Credit bureaus analyze that even if the government's financial support measures have survived for the time being, more and more business owners may lose their motivation to continue their business because they cannot expect improvement in management.

According to the credit bureau, by the 16th of this month, 61 listed companies have reached 10,400 people for early retirement or voluntary retirement.

According to Tokyo Shoko Research, "If the effects of the new coronavirus are prolonged, it is expected that there will be more cases in the manufacturing industry as well as eating out and apparel, in the future."