On September 21, Mengniu and Dada Group announced an upgrade of their strategic cooperation. The two parties will join forces to jointly explore the innovation of instant retail business models and a new global marketing model integrating online and offline.

On the same day, Kuai Jiaqi, founder, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Dada Group, and Gao Fei, senior vice president of Mengniu Group and head of Changwen Division, formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing.

  At the signing site, Mengniu Group Senior Vice President and Head of Normal Temperature Business Unit Gao Fei said: “Mengniu and Dada Group will carry out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation and work together to explore a win-win model under real-time retail. Mengniu will focus on building online online The marketing model of the integration of the entire link, focusing on user needs, and user-oriented thinking, and Dada Group to jointly promote the process of consumer digitalization. At the same time, learn digital management methods from Dada Group, improve human efficiency, and integrate digitalization in an all-round and in-depth manner. Levels are applied to various business processes and management fields.

  Kuai Jiaqi, founder, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Dada Group, said: “Mengniu is a very important and close partner of Dada Group. Its high-quality and innovative products are deeply loved by consumers. JD Daojia under Dada Group serves as a connection Online and offline, brands and retailers' instant retail platforms will fully invest and utilize their accumulated resources and experience in global marketing, category operations, supply chain capacity building, etc., to fully assist Mengniu in product innovation and sales promotion The two parties will carry out more full collaboration and cooperation to bring consumers the ultimate dairy product consumption experience."

Dada Group and Mengniu signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Marketing innovation, user operation, category management, supply chain construction, and comprehensive upgrade of strategic cooperation

  Mengniu is a leading dairy product supplier in China. It has been ranked among the top 20 in the global dairy industry for 11 consecutive years, and will be ranked among the top 8 in 2020; Lunsu, Pure Zhen, Youyi C, Guanyi Milk, Future Star, Yogurt, Daily Fresh, Suibian and other sub-brands.

JD Daojia, a subsidiary of Dada Group, is China’s leading instant retail platform, covering more than 1,000 counties, districts and cities across the country, with more than 40 million active users. It ranks first in the market share of Chinese local retailers’ super O2O platforms and has established with Mengniu Established a close cooperative relationship.

As one of the fastest-growing channels for Mengniu’s room temperature product sales, Mengniu’s sales on JD Daojia increased by 176% from January to August 2020.

  The cooperation between Mengniu and Dada Group is upgraded. According to the strategic agreement, the two parties will deepen their comprehensive cooperation in digital marketing innovation, global user operations, category management and supply chain capacity building.

Mengniu will also invest more resources to work with JD Daojia in the real-time retail sector to achieve breakthrough sales and marketing innovations, and ultimately help Mengniu's room temperature products achieve further sales growth.

  In terms of digital marketing innovation, JD Daojia will create more customized marketing IP activities for Mengniu to fully tap sales potential.

Through targeted marketing, we can deeply build user minds, build brand loyalty, and increase user purchase frequency.

At the same time, in-depth application of consumer big data to achieve full-link digital marketing.

In terms of global user operations, JD Daojia will help Mengniu open up global user data. Through the big data analysis capabilities of the Monica system, it will help Mengniu deeply study global user behavior, fully tap the value of data, and provide Mengniu with differentiated user operation solutions.

In terms of category management, the two parties will jointly explore the consumption characteristics of dairy products in the O2O channel, so as to better, faster and more specifically meet consumer demand for room temperature dairy products and stimulate consumption potential.

In terms of supply chain capacity building, the Dada Haibo system will help Mengniu realize the integrated management of O2O omni-channel prices and inventory, and help Mengniu optimize its sales strategy and promotion methods in real time.

Join forces to explore a new global marketing model integrating online and offline

Dada Group and Mengniu will jointly explore a new global marketing model

  Mengniu has always been at the forefront of exploring new business models for digitalization, globalization and instant retail.

As a leader in the field of instant retail, JD Daojia has reached cooperation with nearly 100,000 stores across the country, and has reached cooperation with nearly 60 supermarkets in the "2019 China Top 100 Supermarkets" issued by the China Chain Store and Franchise Association and achieved online and offline sales. The in-depth integration provides a solid guarantee for Mengniu to strengthen its integrated online and offline marketing model.

  At the same time, with the help of the in-depth cooperation between JD Daojia and JD.com's "Natural Selection" project, retail stores will realize the simultaneous launch of JD Supermarkets through JD Daojia's entry system, and at the same time achieve integrated performance services at the store level, which will help Brand owners have realized a new global marketing model that integrates multiple "domains" such as offline stores, JD Daojia, and JD Mall.

  In addition, relying on JD Daojia's strategy of deepening the sinking market will help Mengniu open up more instant retail sales opportunities in lower-tier cities, achieve growth in user scale, brand sales, category penetration, and enhance Mengniu's normal temperature products Competitive strength and lasting resilience in the sinking market.

At the same time, JD Daojia will also aggregate retailers and regional resources, open up the same-city marketing ecosystem, formulate differentiated product structures for different channels, regions and scenarios, optimize the product supply chain, and create exclusive rights based on product and user needs Develop differentiated marketing strategies in different regions.