Barakah's first peaceful nuclear power plant reaches 50% of its production capacity

Nawah Energy Company, a subsidiary of the joint consortium between the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and the Korean Electric Power Company (KEPCO), which is responsible for operating and maintaining the Barakah peaceful nuclear power plants, announced that the first plant reactor has reached a level of 50 percent of its production capacity for environmentally friendly electrical energy.

This achievement was announced on the sidelines of the 64th regular annual session of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, where the UAE hosted an event entitled "The UAE Peaceful Nuclear Program: A Journey of Success".

The arrival of the power of the plant's first reactor in Barakah to the level of 50 percent is a very important step in the process of progressive energy testing, and it comes one month after the completion of the safe connection of the plant with the main electricity grid in the UAE and the start of the production of the first megawatts of environmentally friendly electricity using nuclear energy. .

The CEO of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, said that the United Arab Emirates is currently producing environmentally friendly electrical energy through the first plant in Barakah, which has reached 50 percent of its total production capacity as part of the progressive energy test that our team goes through in Nawah. We are pleased to participate in the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency to inform our partners in this sector about the developments of our strategic project for environmentally friendly energy in the UAE. "

"The UAE's peaceful nuclear program has become an engine for growth in the UAE, as it produces abundant quantities of environmentally friendly electricity to support economic diversification efforts, as well as strengthening the country's efforts to achieve its commitments to climate change," he added.

For his part, Engineer Ali Al Hammadi, CEO of Nawah Energy, said, "This achievement is a cause for pride for all participants in the development of Barakah Nuclear Power Plants and reflects the continuous progress in the first plant as we continue to operate the plant in light of our absolute commitment to safety and quality while we approach another step towards commercial operation."

He added, "The process of progressive energy testing is progressing steadily, safely, on its right track, in accordance with local regulatory requirements and the highest international standards, despite the challenge the world is currently facing, and we are pleased to be part of the 64th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency at this important time in the process of developing Barakah plants. To announce more achievements during the coming months with increasing energy levels in the first station and continuing the operational preparations for the second station.

The 64th annual regular session of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency is held between 21 and 25 September 2020 at the Vienna International Center in the Austrian capital, where representatives of the IAEA member states meet, either directly or remotely, to discuss a number of issues related to nuclear energy.

The participation of the Emirati delegation comes in conjunction with the operating team of Nawah Energy to raise the level of the reactor capacity gradually and within several months as part of the progressive energy test. During this process, the systems of the first station are monitored and tested to ensure their compliance with the regulatory requirements and international best practices, while continuing the safe progress towards Production of electricity at full carrying capacity.

Upon completion of this process, the plant will start the commercial operation phase and produce abundant electricity for a period of 18 continuous months before reloading the fuel, which confirms the effectiveness of nuclear energy in producing friendly electrical energy around the clock.

The process of progressive energy testing is being carried out under the constant supervision of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, which has so far conducted more than 280 inspections since the start of the development of the Barakah Peaceful Nuclear Power Plants Project, in addition to more than 40 assessment and review missions by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the International Association of Nuclear Operators. .

The Barakah Peaceful Nuclear Energy Plants are the cornerstone of the UAE's peaceful nuclear program, which adheres to the highest global standards of safety, security, quality, transparency and nuclear non-proliferation.

Through its role as operator of nuclear reactors, Nawah Energy Company is committed to ensuring the operation of the Barakah peaceful nuclear power plants in line with all regulatory requirements and in cooperation with all concerned parties at all local, regional and global levels.

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