During the confinement imposed by the coronavirus crisis, teleworking had become the norm for many French employees.

Several months after deconfinement, some companies have chosen to maintain it for 100% of their workforce.

Will the employers agree to open negotiations with the unions to regulate the practice of teleworking in companies?

It has indeed become common since the confinement imposed by the coronavirus epidemic.

And Tuesday will take place a final meeting between the employers and the unions to give an answer to this thorny question.

Still, many companies have not waited.

They are already negotiating agreements internally to introduce teleworking two or three days a week.


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Some companies have still not even brought their employees back to the office since the end of confinement!

This is the case of ADP for example, a service company that publishes three million payslips each month in France.

In the company, no one has set foot in the office for six months.

The 2,300 employees practice 100% teleworking and this will remain the rule for several more months if necessary, until the threat of Covid-19 subsides.

"My life as an employee was not that much disrupted", explains Charlie, employee of ADP, who recognizes all the same that "nothing replaces real physical meetings".

"I think we can still maintain a relationship of trust with our colleagues, including teleworking," he also assures.

Return to the office on a quota basis

Putting all employees in telework all week remains an extreme solution, and even temporary in the case of ADP.

Some companies go less far by offering the possibility to work addicts in the office to come back but in a limited way.

At Microsoft France for example, 100% teleworking remains the rule but volunteers to come back to the office - there are some - can register to find their computer or the company's coffee machine.

The tonnage is limited to 150 people out of a total workforce of 1,800.

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Same system at the Paris headquarters of Monster, job site.

Since last week, volunteers can come back.

Five did so out of a total of 50 employees.

On the air in Marseille, on the other hand, no one has returned ... and will never return!

“All employees have signed a '100% teleworking' endorsement,” explains Anaïs Tonin, the company's human resources manager.

The bosses and the employees therefore organize themselves on a case-by-case basis on a daily basis, far from the meetings of their representatives who are once again straining on the issue of teleworking.