Bank of Japan Tankan Private Forecast in October Is the improvement significantly negative from the previous time? September 22 4:59

The Bank of Japan's Tankan = Corporate Short-term Economic Observation Survey, which will be announced on the 1st of next month, is almost complete with private sector forecasts.

Although the economic judgment of the manufacturing industry of large companies has improved from the previous survey in June, which fell sharply due to the impact of the new coronavirus, it is predicted that both will continue to be significantly negative.

The Bank of Japan's Tankan is a survey that asks about 10,000 domestic companies about the current state of the economy every three months, and the latest results will be announced on the 1st of next month.

In the previous June survey, the economic judgment index of the large manufacturing industry, which is the most noticeable due to the effects of the new coronavirus, deteriorated to minus 34 points, the second largest decline in history after the Lehman shock.

This time around, all 12 private think tanks are expected to improve from the previous time, given the gradual resumption of economic activity.

However, the range of improvement is only 14 points even at high points, and the economic judgment index is predicted to continue to be significantly negative, from -20 to -30.

In addition, in the non-manufacturing industry of large companies, which deteriorated to minus 17 points in the previous survey, all 12 companies are forecast to continue to be negative as in the manufacturing industry.

With both manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies expected to continue to face tough economic decisions, this Tankan will also focus on how companies see the future of the economy.