, Beijing, September 20th (Zhang Duo). Xu Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the All-Union Mergers and Acquisitions Association and Chairman of the Sino-US Green Fund, pointed out in Beijing on the 19th that the establishment of a new pattern of domestic and international dual-cycle mutual promotion and development The core of the company is to improve the supply-side innovation ability and competitiveness. In this process, innovation and entrepreneurship play an extremely important role.

  Sponsored by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, co-organized by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and undertaken by the All-Union Mergers and Acquisitions Association, the Deshengmen Lecture Hall and the 17th China Mergers and Acquisitions Annual Conference were held on the same day, with the theme of "M&A Relief Helps Double Cycle".

Xu Lin talked about the above content when he gave a speech on "Double Cycles and Equity Investment" at the conference.

  Xu Lin analyzed in detail the background and specific implementation ideas of the "double cycle".

He said that changes in the external environment have made the central government make major judgments-the deterioration of the external environment may not be short-term, and long-term responses must be prepared for this.

The main reasons for environmental changes include the spreading effect of the intensified strategic game between China and the United States, and the "responsibility dumping" effect after the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  Xu Lin pointed out that focusing on domestic circulation does not mean implementing a domestic large-scale circulation strategy. The government still needs to work hard to maintain a friendly external environment and create conditions for the international operation of enterprises.

In addition, focusing on domestic circulation is not simply to expand or stimulate domestic demand, but to deepen supply-side structural reforms, especially institutional innovations and technological innovations, to improve domestic supply-side efforts to upgrade domestic consumption and the integrity of the industrial chain. Response efficiency, improve the supply capacity of high-quality products and services, and minimize demand spillovers.

Facing the intensified blockade of external advanced technologies, import substitution is an inevitable choice.

  Regarding how to create a better market-oriented equity fund development environment, Xu Lin proposed that the financial regulatory system and corporate assessment system should be improved so that more long-term funds can be used as equity fund investors; it is necessary to build a more multi-level and convenient equity trading environment; Promote deregulation in various areas on the supply side and reduce the uncertainty risk faced by equity investment.

  "I think a more market-oriented, more legalized, and more transparent environment will actually improve supply-side capabilities, play a better role in M&A funds and equity investment funds, and promote supply-side innovation and improvement of supply capabilities. They are all vital." Xu Lin emphasized.