Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 19 (Reporter Yao Junfang) The reporter learned from the China Securities Regulatory Commission that as of the end of August this year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has filed and investigated 43 cases of illegal information disclosure by listed companies, and transferred to the public security organs There were 20 crimes.

  Chang Depeng, a spokesperson for the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said that recently, the inspection department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the public security economic investigation department jointly held a meeting in Shenzhen for the deployment of securities crime cases involving financial fraud and other related entities of listed companies, and deployed the investigation and handling of 13 major typical cases. .

"This is an important measure for the regulatory and law enforcement agencies to fully implement the'zero tolerance' requirements for illegal and crimes in the capital market, further strengthen administrative and criminal law enforcement cooperation, and crack down on securities illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law." He said.

  It is understood that 13 cases cover listed companies’ financial fraud, concealment of major connected transactions and other suspected violations of disclosure and non-disclosure of important information crimes; major shareholders, actual controllers, directors, supervisors, and senior managers manipulate listed companies for free to related parties Huge amounts of funds and guarantees have caused major losses to the company, suspected of breaching trust and harming the interests of listed companies; and other economic crimes such as forging financial documents and embezzlement of funds accompanied by financial fraud.

"Some listed companies and related entities have been punished many times, some are suspected of multiple crimes, and some are fraudulent for many years." Chang Depeng said.

  He pointed out that in the next step, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will work with public security agencies to crack down on vicious crimes such as capital market fraud and counterfeiting, and take multiple measures to effectively increase the cost of violations, increase law enforcement deterrence, and purify the market ecology.