China News Service, Beijing, September 20 (Reporter Wang Enbo) The opening ceremony of the 11th China Statistics Open Day and the 7th National Census Publicity Month was successfully held in Beijing on the 20th.

The theme of this year’s Open Day is "Rolling names by a big country, without you". Through various forms of activities such as chorus, sitcoms, popular science videos, and innovative links such as "cloud soldiers", on-site explanations, and interactive oaths, we call on the whole society to pay attention. And to support the census work, sounded the clarion call for the 7th National Census Publicity Month.

  Ning Jizhe, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of the National Bureau of Statistics, Party Secretary, Li Xiaochao and Sheng Laiyun, Party Leaders and Deputy Directors of the National Bureau of Statistics, Chief Statistician Zeng Yuping, and relevant responsible comrades of the Beijing Municipal Government attended the event. Representatives talked about the census together, and cheered for the "Seven People Census".

  Ning Jizhe pointed out that the seventh national census is a major survey of national conditions and national strength carried out when socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and my country's population development has entered a critical period.

A good population census will help to fully understand the total population, structure and distribution of our country, accurately grasp the characteristics of population trends, and provide important support for scientifically formulating national development strategies, improving population development policies, and promoting high-quality development.

The census is closely related to every citizen. The detailed and accurate data and information obtained by the census will provide an important reference for the improvement of infrastructure and public service supply and the social security system.

  Ning Jizhe said that the seventh national census will adopt electronic means to carry out census registration, and at the same time advocate the method of self-reporting by census subjects, and encourage everyone to use mobile phones and other mobile terminals to declare personal and family information by themselves.

The census will use Internet cloud technology, cloud services and cloud application deployment to strengthen the protection of citizens' personal information throughout the process and ensure the safety of citizens' personal information.

At present, the preparations for the seventh national census are progressing smoothly. More than 7 million census personnel will enter tens of thousands of households from November 1st, officially opening the census site registration.

It is hoped that the general public will actively support participation in the census, take the initiative to cooperate and report truthfully, to ensure that the census data is true and accurate.

  Ning Jizhe reviewed the preparations for the census in six provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Chongqing, Yunnan, and Shaanxi through real-time online connections. The census personnel expressed their cordial condolences.

He emphasized that the majority of census workers must be energetic and motivated to do a good job in census registration and submit a satisfactory answer to the party, the country, and the people.

The heads of the census agencies in the six provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities reported on the preparations for the census at the main venue and local branch venues.

On-site enumerator representatives and local enumerators jointly swear an oath to perform the census duties in accordance with the law, strictly observe the confidentiality discipline, and successfully complete the census task.

  Relevant responsible comrades of the Beijing Municipal Government stated in their speeches that Beijing census agencies at all levels should coordinate their steps, coordinate and cooperate, make good use of various propaganda platforms, and make concerted efforts online and offline to realize the census is well-known and supported by everyone, so that the census will be smooth Implement to create a good atmosphere.

  The open day event is divided into three main links: "Census, benefiting thousands of families", "Knowing the roots and knowing the bottom, the country's big plan", and "The country rolls the name, I call'to'".

Census promotion ambassadors Zhong Nanshan, Yao Ming and many industry representatives expressed their messages and blessings for the census in the form of videos.

The activity also uses on-site explanations, sitcoms, etc., to popularize census knowledge and answer census questions that the public cares about.

  The event was hosted by the National Bureau of Statistics and the Office of the Seventh National Census Leading Group of the State Council, and undertaken by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the Office of the Seventh National Census Leading Group of Beijing.

More than 140 people including representatives from the statistics department and census agency, the general public, media reporters and census takers participated in the on-site activities.