Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 19 (Reporter Yao Junfang) The reporter learned from the China Securities Regulatory Commission that in order to further implement the requirements of decentralization, regulation and service and optimize the information disclosure mechanism of listed securities companies, the China Securities Regulatory Commission recently revised the "Regarding Strengthening the Supervision of Listed Securities Companies" Regulations.

  The China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the regulations in 2009 to strengthen the supervision of listed securities companies.

Chang Depeng, a spokesperson for the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said: “With the development of the capital market, the governance rule system of listed companies has been continuously improved, and the requirements for inside information management and information disclosure have become increasingly complete, and the internal control and compliance management of securities companies have been effectively enhanced. Some provisions in the regulations need to be adjusted and improved."

  It is understood that this revision, while retaining the basic content of the regulations, has made partial adjustments to the integration of retractions and releases in response to market development and regulatory needs.

  On the one hand, it reduces the burden on listed securities companies and abolishes the disclosure requirements of monthly operating data and interim reports covering the classification results of securities companies, so that the frequency and content of information disclosure by listed securities companies are consistent with those of other listed companies, including banks; streamlined For administrative examination and approval matters, the information disclosure requirements were updated to make them consistent with the latest higher-level laws.

On the other hand, it has once again strengthened the requirements for the effectiveness of insider information management and internal control of securities companies, and supplemented and improved relevant matters that should be disclosed in a timely manner when major regulatory measures have been taken.

  "On the whole, this revision has improved the adaptability and effectiveness of the regulations, improved the fairness requirements of listed securities firms as'listed companies' in the frequency of information disclosure, while taking into account their'securities company' attributes, and strengthened the content of information disclosure. Targeted requirements are conducive to the healthy development of listed securities companies in accordance with the law." Chang Depeng said.