China News Service, Lanzhou, September 20 (Zhang Jing Du Ping) The China Biomedical Innovation Drive and High-Quality Development Summit revealed that the existing national high-tech zone clusters are developing well in general, but there is still much room for growth and will rely on planning One hundred national innovative industrial clusters, "innovation" and "industry" gain biomedicine.

  "In the 30 years since the construction of the national high-tech zone, from enterprise clusters to industrial clusters, a considerable foundation for the development of high-tech industrial clusters has been formed, but the knowledge production and sharing mechanism is not yet complete; the strong linkage of enterprise collaborative innovation has not yet been fully formed; There are many weak links in the innovation system, and there is still a certain gap compared with the true innovative industrial clusters, and the quality and efficiency of innovation need to be further improved." On the 19th, dozens of industrial parks across the country, as well as industry experts and business elites participated At this meeting, Wei Guzuo, director of the Industrial Cluster Division of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said as above.

At the China Biomedical Innovation Drive and High-Quality Development Summit, Wei Gu, Director of the Industrial Cluster Division of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, made a report.

Photo by Zhang Jing

  Wei Gu also made suggestions here. The next step is to give full play to the role of national high-tech zone industrial clusters, and build 100 national innovative industrial clusters in accordance with the "one district, one leading industry", and form several trillion-level industrial scales and a batch of hundreds of billions. It is an innovative industrial cluster with a high-level industrial scale, mastering key core technologies, a complete industrial technology system, integration and development of large and medium-sized enterprises, and a leading position at home and abroad.

At the same time, adhere to the integration of innovation chain and industrial chain, and continue to improve the innovation value chain of the biomedical industry.

  Wei Gu said that my country’s existing clusters are generally developing well. In particular, the advantages of information technology clusters are obvious. Biomedicine and intelligent equipment clusters are developing rapidly. Some high-tech zones have long insisted on cultivating clusters in subdivisions and gradually demonstrated strong latecomers. Advantages, the growth momentum exceeds expectations.

  Specifically, the overall innovation capability of biomedical innovative industrial clusters is increasing, the industrial chain is relatively complete, and the creation of new drugs is making rapid progress. It has occupied an important position in the domestic pharmaceutical and device clusters (parks), bio-agriculture and biomass energy industries In general, it also has strong production capacity.

  "However, there is still a lot of room for growth in biomedical innovative industrial clusters." Wei Gu said that it is necessary to promote the construction of innovative industrial clusters, focus on conquering key core technologies, enhance industrial innovation capabilities, build a regional modern economic system, and promote economic and social health Development is an important measure to accelerate the formation of a "dual cycle" development pattern.

  An Daochang, former deputy director of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Secretary-General of the China Technology Entrepreneurship Association, proposed to strengthen the high-end industry of biomedicine and upgrade the traditional industry for the development of biomedical parks.

"The biomedical park can introduce some high-end biotechnology and high-end industries according to its actual conditions, but the traditional industries cannot be forgotten."

He suggested that both the high-end industry and the traditional biomedical industry in the biomedical park of the high-tech zone should be developed simultaneously.

  An Daochang said that during this new crown pneumonia epidemic, Chinese medicine played a very important role in prevention and treatment.

Therefore, "I suggest that the high-tech zones in Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places where traditional Chinese medicine is developed may combine the traditional Chinese medicine industry with modern biomedical technology, which may have a certain effect on improving the level of the Chinese medicine industry."

  "For example, the service for the Lanzhou High-tech Zone is different from Nanjing Jiangning High-tech Zone." In response to the development of the alliance, An Daochang proposed to strengthen the alliance platform and service construction, and provide distinctive and efficient services for each biomedical park. According to the basic situation of the development of biomedicine in various places, prescribe the right medicine.

  At the same time, Andochang also hopes that the alliance can become a bridge and link between biomedical parks and enterprises, investment institutions, and R&D institutions; strengthen international cooperation and establish standards for biomedical parks.

  Sun Yu, director of the Management Committee of Lanzhou High-tech Zone, said that the district has identified biomedicine as the location's first industry for cultivation and support. Currently, there are more than 200 biomedical companies with an output value of 14.2 billion yuan.

  At the Lanzhou Science and Technology Achievements Expo held in the morning that day, Zhang Shizhen, deputy governor of Gansu Province, said that the contribution rate of Gansu science and technology to economic growth has risen to 54.03%. Among them, the province is engaged in cold and drought agriculture, heavy ion cancer treatment, petrochemicals, and non-ferrous metals. Subdivisions such as metallurgy have already possessed national competitiveness, and some areas are at the forefront.

  Zhang Shizhen also said that Gansu puts innovation-driven development at the core of the overall development, focusing on accelerating the cultivation of new drivers for high-quality economic development, and promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements through deepening the reform of the scientific and technological system The construction of major innovation platforms such as the Baili Experimental Zone and Yuzhong Ecological Innovation City will promote the vigorous development of scientific and technological innovation.