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2nd Disaster Subsidy is expected to be paid in the first round from the 28th to the 29th.

However, as the deadline for application is tight, it seems that you must apply early to receive it before Chuseok.

This is Lee Sung-hoon.


Support money will be provided before Chuseok to small business owners, specially employed, and underprivileged people who suffered damage from the re-proliferation of Corona 19.

The funds expected to be paid before Chuseok are the New Hope Fund, Emergency Employment Stability Support Fund, Youth Special Job Search Support Fund, and Special Child Care Support Fund.

The government decided to send a text message to those eligible for the support fund before and after the passage of the 4th supplementary government.

Eligible candidates can apply online without additional supporting documents, but it is expected that funds will be executed on the 28th to 29th, just before Chuseok, as it takes time to receive and collect the application.

New Hope Fund, which pays 1 million to 2 million won to small business owners, is executed on the 28th.

Payment targets before Chuseok are business operators who can confirm a decrease in sales with the government's administrative information and small business owners who have been identified as specially damaged businesses.

Reductions in sales that are not confirmed electronically require proof submission and review, and payment may be delayed.

The child care allowance of 200,000 won is expected to be paid within this month because the local government has a child allowance payment network and the standard is simple for children under elementary school.

The plan is to pay 500,000 people who have already received the primary support before Chuseok, and 200,000 new applicants within November, targeting special employment and freelancers.

However, urgent living expenses are expected to be paid after November after confirming whether they overlap with other supports.