China News Service, Shenzhen, September 20. Title: China’s first self-operated deep-water oil field cluster puts into production supporting "Offshore Oil and Gas Super Factory"

  Author Zheng Xiaohong Zhu Zuying

  Located in the Pearl River Mouth Basin in the South China Sea and about 240 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong, the Liuhua 16-2 oil field group was put into production on the 20th.

This group of oil fields includes three oil fields, Liuhua 16-2, Liuhua 20-2 and Liuhua 21-2, with an average water depth of 410 meters. It is the oil field group with the deepest development water depth and the largest number of underwater wellheads in China's offshore oil fields.

At the same time, it is also China's first self-operated deepwater oil field group and the first oil field group to adopt a fully underwater development model.

  Near this group of oil fields, the billowing crude oil extracted from the deep-sea strata enters the crude oil tank of the "Offshore Oil and Gas Super Factory"-"Offshore Oil 119".

This huge ship with a full displacement of 195,000 tons is responsible for the oil and gas production and processing, storage and transportation, and oil field life support of the entire oil field group. It is the deepest and most complex FPSO (floating production storage and offloading device) in China so far.

  Liu Huaxiang, general manager of China National Offshore Oil Corporation ("CNOOC") Liuhua Oilfield Operation Area, introduced: "Offshore Oil 119" can process 21,000 cubic meters of crude oil and 540,000 cubic meters of natural gas every day, equivalent to an area of ​​300,000 An onshore oil and gas treatment plant of square meters.

He said: "'Haiyang Shiyou 119' has a set of world-advanced'Dinghai Shenzhen Needle'-a large-scale internal turret single-point mooring system. The single-point mooring system has only 4 international applications of similar technologies. It can moor the floating production, storage and offloading device in the deep waters of the South China Sea where typhoons are frequent."

  The reporter recently boarded "Offshore Oil 119" for an interview. Here, the main engine roared, the oil-water separation device was operating at high speed, and the crude oil from the Liuhua 20-2 oil field poured into the crude oil tank; It is angry, and qualified LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) products enter four large cylinder storage tanks with a capacity of 700 cubic meters.

The crude oil export system resembling a "swimming ring" is an important hub for "Offshore Oil 119" to transport oil and gas to the outside world.

It is expected that in a week, the first ship of crude oil here will be exported to China's coastal refineries.

  It is understood that the group of oilfields is located in the deep waters of the South China Sea, far offshore, with harsh sea conditions, and the technical difficulty and complexity rank among the top in the world.

  Liu Yiyong, general manager of the development project group of CNOOC Liuhua 16-2 oilfield group, said that the oilfield group adopts a fully underwater development model, which means that all oilfields adopt an underwater production system, and then return to the surface of the floating production storage and unloading oil. The device does not require the construction of a conventional oil and gas field production platform, and has comprehensive technical and economic advantages compared with the deep-water production platform model.

Through independent commissioning and offshore installation of multiple core equipment, CNOOC completed the towing and tie-back of FPSO on schedule, and completed the installation of umbilical cables and cables half a month in advance.

The oilfields were put into production more than two months earlier than originally planned.

  Liu Yiyong said: “The underwater production system of the Liuhua 16-2 oilfield group mainly includes 26 underwater Christmas trees, production manifolds, submarine cables, umbilical cables and remote control systems, submarine pipes and flexible risers. Production facilities have been used for the first time in China." (End)