600 participants from 60 countries reviewed Dubai Tourism's measures to confront the repercussions of "Covid-19"

Al-Marri: Dubai has shown high flexibility in responding to market variables

  • Al-Marri during the first series of virtual meetings organized by the "Dubai Chamber".

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  • Hamad Buamim: “The partnership between the public and private sectors in Dubai is a strategic partnership that has proven successful during (Corona).”


The Director General of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, Hilal Saeed Al-Marri, affirmed that Dubai has shown high flexibility in responding efficiently and quickly to various business environment conditions, and its ability to harmonize its plans and directions with market variables.

Al Marri added, during the first series of virtual meetings organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the presence of representatives of the private sector, that working in harmony and harmony between the various components of the economic system in Dubai constitutes the main pillar of the emirate's efforts to adapt to the emerging circumstances, especially with the clear vision based on the formation of Work teams from different disciplines keep pace with the projects that are being developed in all its stages, starting from planning and ending with implementation and delivery.

He also stressed the government's keenness to make its work distinguished and exceptional, through complete coordination, and the mobilization of expertise and energies of all parties, in addition to continuous cooperation with the private sector, indicating that this was evident in the plan that was adopted at the level of the Emirate of Dubai to deal with Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

The prestige of Dubai

During the meeting, which was attended by the Director General of the "Dubai Chamber", Hamad Buamim, and 600 participants from 60 countries representing the private sector from councils and business groups working under the Chamber's umbrella, Al-Marri spoke about the efforts of Dubai Tourism in strengthening Dubai's position as a safe destination for travel and tourism. He sheds light on the procedures and steps adopted by the department to confront the repercussions of the "Covid-19" pandemic and the reopening of tourism activities.


Al-Marri said, “Our advance preparation, as well as cooperation and coordination between all parties, contributed to managing the pandemic with high efficiency, which allowed us to start receiving travelers from several global destinations, while ensuring the full implementation of health and safety standards, as these efforts contributed to a renewed openness to Global markets that have taken similar steps », pointing out that the tourism sector in Dubai is characterized by a world-leading infrastructure.

He added: “We, in Dubai Tourism, have been keen to confirm our commitment to the digital transformation of our operations and place it on our list of priorities. We have reconsidered the experience of visiting travelers from each country based on the target audience and the preferred options for each of them,” indicating that these innovative technologies were designed. With the aim of enhancing visitors' access, and providing them with a better experience in the various tourist attractions in the city.


In his turn, Buamim pointed to the importance of the role played by the Dubai Chamber in building bridges of communication and interaction between the private sector and the relevant government agencies, considering that the series of virtual business meetings constitute an additional window that helps the private sector to identify the latest developments in the business environment and interact transparently with business leaders. And ask questions about their concerns, challenges and plans in the business community.

He stressed that the partnership between the public and private sectors in the Emirate of Dubai is a strategic partnership that has proven successful during the current crisis of the Corona pandemic, and was demonstrated by the economic incentives package approved by the government in support of the sector in facing challenges.

Virtual encounters

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently launched its new initiative "Virtual Meetings Series", which hosts in direct meetings a number of heads and leaders of the business community from the public and private sectors, to discuss current issues related to the business environment, and efforts to recover from the emerging Corona virus crisis, and to shed light. On government efforts to overcome the negative repercussions of this crisis on the business sector, and to ensure sustainability and business continuity.

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