Focus on the "domestic cycle" represented by integrated circuits

A total of 16.3 billion yuan of contracted projects in the Science Expo

  On September 18, the 23rd Science and Technology Expo "Science and Technology Cooperation Project Promotion and Signing Ceremony" was held in Beijing International Hotel.

As the exhibition section of the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum, this sci-tech expo and the Zhongguancun Forum will jointly focus on the theme of "cooperation and innovation to meet challenges together", facing the frontiers of world science and technology, focusing on key core technologies and original innovations, integrating high-quality resources, and creating international exchanges and cooperation in the field of science and technology platform.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that in this contracted project, the “domestic cycle” is focused on. There are many high-precision industry projects represented by integrated circuits and large amounts of money. The 20 contracted projects reached 16.3 billion yuan in total.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that in the face of the economic de-globalization situation and economic recession under the impact of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, we should master the "neck-cuffing" technology in the high-end industry chain as soon as possible, and realize the independent control of core technology and do a good job. In the article “Domestic Big Cycle Mainly, Domestic and International Double Cycle”, the contracted companies have overcome numerous difficulties, seized opportunities after the epidemic, insisted on technological innovation, and actively developed integrated circuits, third-generation semiconductors, the Internet of Things, biomedicine, new materials, etc. Cutting-edge industry.

  Among them, the CLP IC core equipment industrial park project will invest 6.6 billion yuan to build a technology research institute, research and development and industrialization base to improve the level of localization of integrated circuit equipment; the Yizhuang Zhitong Internet of Things Industrial Park project will invest 1.7 billion yuan , Based on the research and development and testing of IoT sensors and IoT chips, to create a characteristic industrial park for smart IoT industrial clusters; JD’s Central Research Institute project invested 1.2 billion yuan to develop cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, smart cities, Research on cutting-edge technology fields such as blockchain; the third-generation semiconductor packaging chip mount paste and wire bonding wire project, which will use many scientific research institutions in the United Nations to learn foreign advanced technologies to develop high-temperature and high-reliability third-generation semiconductors Packaging chip mounting paste and wire bonding wire; Zhifei Green Bamboo New Virus Vaccine and Engineering Vaccine Industrialization Base Project will invest 1.61 billion yuan. The project is expected to be put into operation in 2025. It will produce bivalent dysentery conjugate vaccine and rotavirus inactivation. New vaccines such as live vaccines and bivalent inactivated vaccines for hand, foot and mouth disease; the radiation control material industrialization project of the Institute of Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will focus on the development and production of functional materials such as radiation control temperature control films and infrared stealth materials.

  In addition to high-precision industry projects, a good ecology of industry-university integration, cross-industry collaboration, and the in-depth integration of technology and economy for interactive development is gradually taking shape.

  Xinjiang Shencai Dongsheng Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industrial Park will invest 1.8 billion yuan, based on local industrial solid waste and supported by high technology, to build a green and clean industrialization innovation integrating R&D, production, sales, demonstration and radiation. Demonstration base; Hongqi Smart Travel Service Headquarters project plans to invest 900 million yuan, relying on FAW Group's Hongqi brand advantages, research and development of intelligent travel platform and vehicle company operation management platform with independent intellectual property rights; Tengfeng micro gas turbine first phase 100,000 units mass production project , Plans to invest 1 billion yuan to produce micro gas turbines with emissions up to the National Sixth Standard, high conversion efficiency and long life; in addition, the community electric two-wheeler charging + swapping dual-mode project, and the equipment upgrade of Beijing Nankou SKF Railway Bearing Co., Ltd. The reconstruction project, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Yak Industrial Demonstration Park Project (Phase I), and the application of satellite navigation and remote technology in the construction of Qinghai Smart Animal Husbandry are also concrete manifestations of the integration and development of technology, economy and society, serving the public travel, Animal husbandry and other fields.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that the 20 projects signed this time come from a wide range of sources, one of which is from the United States, and the other 19 are from Beijing, Guangxi, Hainan, Qinghai, Shandong, Xinjiang and other provinces.

In addition, there are also related projects of the Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Old Expert Technology Center, Beijing University of Technology, Micro Miao Business School and other scientific research institutes and educational institutions, which fully demonstrate the role of the Science Fair in setting up the stage and singing.

  Achievement display

  Peony Group 5G floating imaging can switch screens with waving hand

  In the exhibition area of ​​the Beijing Communist Youth League of the International Science and Technology Expo, some fresh, interesting and novel scenes attracted reporters from Beijing Youth Daily.

These are screens the size of two TVs and computers. The staff gestured to place their hands on the top of the machine and wave their palms to trigger a trigger. Then the screens can be switched by moving the hands.

  This is the "5G aerial floating imaging system" of the Peony Group. The currently implemented application content is a text museum, and it can also be used in scenes such as appointment registration and ticket purchase.

Experiencers can use gestures to form a floating imaging effect, such as drawing and PPT by waving their hands in the air.

  From a technical point of view, the 5G aerial floating imaging system uses the principle of light field reconstruction, combined with intelligent interaction technology, to achieve direct interaction between humans and virtual real images. It has a built-in 5G communication module with high data transmission rate and low latency; it can be widely used in commercial, In the fields of finance, conferences, exhibitions, and medical treatment, it achieves the effect of "people in painting, painting in people, both true and illusion".

  The two products displayed on site are the intelligent speech assistant device developed based on the 5G aerial floating imaging system and the new generation of interactive display terminal for display content. The intelligent speech assistant device is convenient to operate, interactive experience and privacy are guaranteed, and can be applied Business conferences and other fields; a new generation of interactive display terminals for display content, only the user’s perspective can enter, ensuring information security, integrating the world’s leading "interactive aerial imaging technology", enabling aerial interaction without fingerprints, which can be widely used Used in offline interactive places such as bank ATMs, hospital self-service machines, high-speed rail self-service machines, exhibitions and exhibitions.

  It is understood that the technologies of these two exhibits were developed by a young team with an average age of only 30. They are the backbone of the Peony Group's youth innovation workstation.

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