China News Service, Shaoxing, September 19 (Xiang Jing, Xie Panpan) "The new crown epidemic has hit the global economy. From January to May this year, the overall loss of China's accommodation industry exceeded 200 billion yuan. However, in recent months, the domestic accommodation industry has shown Many positive changes." On the 19th, at the first B&B Hotel Industry Development Summit and the launching ceremony of the "September 19" B&B Hotel Carnival Season in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, Han Ming, President of the China Hotel Association, said.

  At present, China’s homestay hotel industry is undergoing a profound change. On the one hand, with the continuous upgrading of the consumer market, the people’s choice of tourism accommodation products is showing trends such as individualization, differentiation, and quality; on the other hand, the homestay hotel industry In the process of epidemic prevention and control, a lot of market attention has been obtained. The epidemic has made the people put forward higher requirements for the safety, hygiene and quality services of the industry.

  "In the past six months, the economic'epidemic' situation of various economies has been severe. The China Hotel Association's survey of 100'green restaurants, safe consumption' demonstration enterprises in China showed that the revenue in the first half of the year fell by nearly 70% year-on-year on average. The accommodation industry, which has been advancing vigorously in recent years, has brought a heavy blow." Han Ming said that in the context of China’s “six stability” work and the implementation of the “six guarantees” task, the accommodation industry, as an important consumer industry, is facing risks in stabilizing risks. It plays an important role in securing employment. After the market has recovered, the industry has seen many positive changes in recent months.

  Since the epidemic, many homestay hotels have continuously explored industrial innovation and promotion models in order to boost confidence in the industry, and obtained better market feedback.

For example, during the summer vacation this year, the overall booking rate of "Huazhu" B&B hotels reached over 90% of the same period in 2019; the tent rental rate of "Humble House" B&Bs reached 98%.

  As a representative of enterprises in the industry, Yin Wenhuan, President of Humble House Tourism Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. mentioned at the meeting that after the epidemic, it is a challenge for every homestay hotel operator, but thinking determines the way out, and decision-making is more important than hard work. As far as enterprises are concerned, in addition to traditional operations, we will continue to provide services in a step-by-step manner. We will also devote our energy to research and development, and innovatively design some membership cards such as time-sharing cards and stored-value cards to ensure normal consumption in the future."

  In Han Ming’s view, after the epidemic, the future development of the hotel industry should focus on two points: “First, we must accelerate branding and chaining. During the epidemic, we have seen that leading companies with brands, temperature, and quality have obvious influence. Increasing, this is the catalytic effect brought by the epidemic to the industry; the second is to accelerate diversified business transformation, actively initiate local consumption, and dig deeper into the surrounding markets."

  At the meeting, the launching ceremony of the "September 19" B&B hotel carnival season was also held, in order to boost the confidence of the tourism industry on the occasion of the National Day holiday, stimulate the recovery of the B&B hotel industry, and set off a boom in China's tourism consumption. (Finish)