, Lanzhou, September 19 (Zhang Jing Gaoying) "Gansu Province is a comprehensive experimental zone for the development of the Chinese medicine industry in the country. The advantages of Chinese medicine resources here are very obvious." Sun Yu, director of the Lanzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee, evening of the 18th In an interview with a reporter from, he said that these resource advantages urgently need to be transformed into industrial advantages, to develop high technology, and empower the industry, so that the entire industrial chain can develop better.

  On the same day, China Technology Entrepreneurship Association Biomedical Park Industrial Cluster Collaborative Innovation Alliance 2019-2020 Annual Member Plenary Meeting and the 8th Meeting of the First Council were held in Lanzhou.

Dozens of industrial parks, pharmaceutical companies, colleges and universities, investment institutions, innovation and entrepreneurship service organizations, as well as more than a hundred industry experts and business elites from across the country participated in this conference.

The picture shows the scene of the industry report during the conference. Participants used their mobile phones to record important clips.

Photo by Yin Chunyong

  Sun Yu said that Lanzhou is an important national biopharmaceutical base and an important science, education and cultural city in the west. The technological level of Lanzhou's bio-industry ranks in the leading position in the country. There are more than 1,200 scientific research institutions, 34 colleges and universities represented by Lanzhou University.

  Lanzhou High-tech Zone was established with the approval of the State Council in March 1991. As one of the first batch of 27 national-level high-tech zones in the country, it is the 19th nationally and the first national-level independent innovation demonstration zone in the underdeveloped western regions, focusing on the development of high-tech industries. Based on the reality of Lanzhou, biomedicine is identified as the top industry in the region for cultivation and support.

On August 28, 2020, the 3rd China (Gansu) Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Expo opened in Longxi County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, the "Millennium Medicine Township". The conference was held in an online-based, offline-combined manner.

The picture shows people experiencing medicinal planting online.

(Data Map) Photo by Zhang Jing

  In response to the question of "why can biomedicine be cultivated and supported as the first industry in the region", Sun Yu said that since the establishment of the Lanzhou High-tech Zone for nearly 30 years, the current industrial development is based on the idea of ​​"subtraction and focus", taking into account the natural endowment In addition to the industrial foundation, the high-tech zone is in the stage of becoming a strong leader, supplementing the chain, and gathering clusters.

More than two months ago, the High-tech Zone issued 20 biomedical industry development policies.

  Gansu is one of the main producing areas of Chinese medicinal materials. The R&D and production of biomedicine has a good foundation in the country. It is worth mentioning that Lanzhou has developed a series of biopharmaceuticals, modern Chinese medicines, and biomedical engineering based on abundant medical resources and concentrated scientific research capabilities. Biomedicine industry system focusing on animal medicine.

Based on making good use of these local resources, Lanzhou High-tech Zone is committed to focusing on the first industry of biomedicine, implementing an action plan for the cultivation of innovative biomedical enterprises, gathering element resources, first fostering, and first supporting, so that it can highlight the "high" and "new" value. In order to accelerate the breakthrough development of the national self-created area.

  Sun Yu also said that at present, Zhongsheng Biological, Zhongnong Weite, and China Animal Husbandry, which are called the "national team", have settled in the Lanzhou High-tech Zone. Natural medicines and listed Chinese medicine companies Longshen Rongfa and Qizheng Tibetan Medicine are in Growing up here, the world’s advanced "polypeptide information compression technology" and a comprehensive cell bank were established here. One of the only 7 provincial-level biological product batch issuing centers in the country was established here, which is known as the country’s most important weapon. The development of heavy ion accelerators is also accelerated here.

There are more than 200 biomedical enterprises in the district, with an output value of 14.2 billion yuan.

  Rui Guozhong, secretary-general of the China Association of Technological Entrepreneurship Biomedical Park Industrial Cluster Collaborative Innovation Alliance, said that since this year, the biomedicine and life and health technology industries have become a sharp weapon in the fight against the "epidemic", and this epidemic has also promoted countries from all walks of life to re-examine the status of the pharmaceutical and health industry And value.

The conference focused on the needs of major national biological and health strategies, with academician expert keynote reports, China Biomedical Innovation Drive and High-quality Development Summit, China Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Hundred Cities and Hundred Parks" Action (Lanzhou Station) project roadshow and cooperation Important highlight activities such as docking, as well as 6 thematic forums on the development of cutting-edge technologies and industries such as innovative chemical medicine, innovative Chinese medicine, cell gene therapy, new vaccines, in vitro diagnostics, brain imaging and radiological diagnosis and treatment.