From next Sunday, groups in the catering industry may not exceed fifty people.

"That also applies to weddings", Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasizes on Friday.

The measures are not unexpected for the wedding industry, but they are still cutting down;

for many companies and the self-employed in the sector, this is turnover that will not be made up next year.

"I had already seen it coming," says wedding planner Frederiek Klop, one of the initiators of Stichting Trouwbranche Nederland, a trade association that was created precisely because of the corona crisis.

September is usually the last peak month of the wedding season.

"Since the measures started to leak, I had already had the first bridal couples on the phone. Can their wedding still take place next week? The handful of weddings that still went on are now postponing", says Klop.

60 percent of weddings have already been postponed this year due to the corona crisis, according to the industry association's own research - so that's probably going to get even higher now.

The wedding industry consists of many different types of companies;

from catering to florist, from wedding planner to pastry chef.

A number of those professional groups were able to focus on a different market this year, but this is not the case for many.

Limited space in agenda

While the weddings themselves may be postponed to next year, that does not apply to the turnover for the entrepreneurs.

There is limited space in the agenda of wedding planners.

“If I'm booked on a certain day next year, I won't be able to do another wedding on that day,” says Klop.

Research by the industry association shows that 37.6 percent of suppliers in the wedding industry do not expect to make it to the end of the year.

There are about 675 million in the industry every year.