Kansai Mirai Bank Loan for fraudulent procedures of over 25.1 billion yen September 18, 22:44

Kansai Mirai Bank, which has its head office in Osaka City, announced that it had been lending for a long period of more than 14 years without noticing it as a bank because a mortgage loan based on fraudulent procedures was brought in from a housing sales company of its business partner.

The total loan amount is up to 25.1 billion yen.

According to Kansai Mirai Bank, it was found that the mortgage loan brought in from the customer's home sales company through the Wakayama branch of this bank was due to fraudulent procedures.

Specifically, the income certificate of the customer applying for the loan was forged, or the sales contract was duplicated and the loan amount was inflated.

The fraudulent application has been filed for a long period of more than 14 years from 2005 to October last year, and the total loan amount is estimated to be 25,164 million yen at the maximum.

A male employee in his 50s who was in charge of this loan was dismissed at the end of last month because he was aware of the fraud and was proceeding with the procedure.

The Wakayama branch, which is in charge of the loan affairs, explained that the discovery was delayed because the bank did not notice it because it was working in a friendly manner.

Banks are considering taking legal action against home sales companies.

Kansai Mirai Bank commented, "We regret that fraud was discovered at a financial institution that puts credit first, and we sincerely apologize."