Japan Post Bank Unauthorized withdrawal damage confirmation Total 137 cases expanded to 22.05 million yen September 18, 21:21

Due to the problem of illegal withdrawal of deposits and savings through electronic payment services, the damage confirmed by Japan Post Bank increased to 137 cases, or 22.05 million yen, in total for the seven services.

According to Japan Post Bank's announcement, damage to illegal withdrawals of savings has been confirmed in seven electronic payment services so far, but the damage in Mercari increased, and four cases amounted to 1.05 million yen. ..

Other damages were:

▽ DoCoMo account 82 cases, 15.46 million yen

▽ Payment secretary 31 cases, 3.45 million yen

▽ PayPay 13 cases, 1.35 million yen

▽ Kyash 3 cases, 230,000 yen

▽ LINE Pay 2 cases, 490,000 yen

▽ PayPal 2 cases, 10,000 yen, and

as of the 18th, the total damage confirmed in the Japan Post Bank account was 137 cases, 22.05 million yen.