The European travel and aviation sector is urgently calling on the European Commission (EC) to persuade governments to end quarantine regimes.

Instead, there could be coordinated restrictions and agreements on testing.

They write this in a letter to EC president Ursula von der Leyen.

"This chaotic situation urgently needs your personal involvement," write the representatives of more than 20 industry associations, including the international aviation organization, IATA.

Data from the umbrella of European airports ACI shows that the number of passengers in the first two weeks of this month has fallen even further compared to a year ago than in the month before.

In August there was a drop of 65 percent, in the first two weeks of September of 73 percent.

Earlier this month, the EC president advocated a joint 'traffic light system' to streamline travel restrictions between European member states, instead of the current patchwork of restrictions and quarantine measures.

But governments would be reluctant to heed this, now that the number of corona infections is rising again.