Recently, as credit loans have increased rapidly, financial authorities have ordered banknotes to manage credit loans.

As a result, more and more people are seeking to take loans first, with anxiety that credit loans will also be regulated by the government.

Reporter Deok-ki Yoo reported this content.


[Bank clerk at branch office: You first asked for an increase, but it is part of knowing whether you should examine the new heart and love the same way...


Since the news that the financial authorities have ordered a commercial bank to actively manage credit loans, inquiries related to credit loans have increased at the front line.

There are many inquiries from existing lenders to increase the limit due to the news that banks are considering reducing the credit limit for professional and office workers and reducing the preferential interest rate.

[Bank clerk at branch office:'I want to receive the maximum limit and want to apply again' If you already have, please inquire for the increase...


Expectations that the government will sooner or later directly regulate credit limits, etc., and credit loans are increasing rapidly.

Over the three days this week, the credit balances of the five major commercial banks have increased by more than KRW 1.1 trillion.

The new contract for a negative bank account also reached 800 billion won over four days, up 67% from the same period last week.

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An official from the Financial Services Commission said that although the pace of credit loan growth is rather rapid, it is not a situation that requires direct regulation, and that for the time being, banks will check their autonomous management status.

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