The number of visitors to British cafes and restaurants fell last week for the first time since the on-trade has reopened.

This is evident from figures from the British government on Friday.

From the beginning of August, the British could eat and drink outside for half the price, while the government adjusted the rest to help the sector.

The discount did not apply to alcohol and there was a maximum of 10 pounds per customer.

The discount campaign expired at the end of August and that led to empty cafes and restaurants between 9 and 13 September.

According to the statistics office, the number of people who went to eat or drink was 38 percent lower than two weeks earlier, when the

Eat Out to Help Out

campaign was still running.

Residents of the United Kingdom bought more than 100 million meals using the discount campaign. Because people pay considerably less for their meals, inflation fell to its lowest point in five years. Compared to last year, inflation rose by just under 0.2 percent in August.