Movement to review procedures to prevent unauthorized changes in withdrawal accounts of online securities companies September 18, 5:20

In response to the problem that a total of 98 million yen was leaked from the securities account of a customer of SBI SECURITIES, a major online securities company, due to unauthorized access, each online securities company will prevent unauthorized changes to the bank account of the withdrawal destination in order to prevent damage. There is a growing movement to review procedures.

SBI SECURITIES announced on the 16th that there was a total of 98.64 million yen leaked from the securities accounts of six customers due to unauthorized access, and the Financial Services Agency will investigate the circumstances and causes in detail and report to the company. I issued the requested "report request order".

The bank account opened by someone using forged identity verification documents was changed to the withdrawal destination account by unauthorized access, causing the damage of the outflow.

For this reason, there is a growing movement among online securities companies to prevent the bank account of the withdrawal destination from being changed by online procedures in order to prevent damage.

So far, in addition to SBI SECURITIES, Rakuten Securities, Monex Securities, Matsui Securities, and Securities have suspended web procedures.

Changes to the withdrawal account will be accepted by mail or at the call center.

Although convenience will be reduced, each company will give top priority to protecting customers.

Request self-inspection and damage confirmation from each FSA company

Through the Japan Securities Dealers Association, the Financial Services Agency has requested each securities company to voluntarily check its posture to prevent unauthorized access.

At the same time, we request that we check as far back as possible to see if there has been any damage similar to this problem, and if there is any damage, we will contact you immediately.

The Financial Services Agency has also sent a document with the same content to the Financial Futures Trading Association.