Amid the continuing recession due to the prolonged coronavirus outbreak, lottery sales in the first half of this year reached the highest level since 2005. 

The Lottery Committee of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance said, "The total sales of lottery tickets in the first half of this year was 2.62 trillion won, an increase of 11.1% from the same period last year." 

This is the largest since 2005, when the Lottery Committee released its lottery business performance as of the first half.

The lottery is considered a representative'recession-type product' that sells well as the economy goes down.

Particularly in the first half of this year, an unprecedented corona crisis has led to an interpretation that the number of people wishing to win the lottery has increased. 

By product, lottery sales accounted for the largest share, with about KRW 2.38.2 trillion. It was estimated that it was an increase of 8.3% from last year's lotto sales. 

In addition, the printed lottery was KRW 188.6 billion, the combined pension lottery was KRW 85.5 billion, and the electronic lottery was KRW 40.8 billion. 

In particular, pension lottery sales increased 68.2% from the same period last year (50.8 billion won), the highest in eight years since 2012 (131.3 billion won) in the first half. 

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