Yen price rise September 16th 18:06

On the 16th, the yen exchange rate rose in the Tokyo foreign exchange market.

The yen exchange rate as of 5 pm was 105.24 to 26 yen, which is 50 yen higher and the dollar weaker than the 15th.

Against the euro, the yen appreciated by 80 yen and the euro depreciated from 1 euro = 124.82 yen to 86 yen compared to the 15th.

The euro was 1 euro = 1.1860 to 62 dollars against the dollar.

Market officials said, "The Federal Reserve Board, the central bank of the United States, has begun to sell dollars and buy yen from the view that monetary easing will continue and low interest rates will be prolonged. We are paying close attention to what he will say at the press conference after the monetary policy meeting, "said Powell."