The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, tourists are looking forward to traveling and businesses are working together——

  The tourism market is expected to usher in a climax of recovery

  This year's National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday lasts for 8 days, and the tourism market is expected to usher in a climax of recovery, and the performance is worth looking forward to.

Many popular scenic spots are ushering in the peak of bookings, and the prices of hotels, homestays, and air tickets are on the rise. Some popular routes appear to be "difficult to find a ticket."

Experts reminded that the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic should not be relaxed, and travel agencies should strengthen investigations and do a good job in collecting tourist information, testing and registration.

  As the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is getting closer and closer, many people have booked flights and hotels eagerly to travel. At the other end of the tourism market, businesses can’t wait to start the “grabbing” mode. Travel companies such as Ctrip, Qunar and Mafengwo are focusing on small businesses. Launch a variety of tourism products during the long holiday...

  Experts said that in the upcoming holidays, the tourism market may usher in a wave of tourism peaks, the performance is worth looking forward to, and it is expected to usher in a recovery climax.

  Many positive factors overlap

  "National Day is the 8-day holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival. With such good weather and such a long holiday, it's a pity not to go out to play. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the hotel I bought by group had never had time to spend. This time it just happened to be used." Yuan Lin, a citizen of Beijing, plans to take her children to Shanghai for a holiday.

  Chen Nan, a professor at the School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management of Henan University, believes that this holiday tourism market ushered in multiple favorable factors.

First of all, the 8-day holiday is ample time for travel.

Secondly, the people's willingness to travel is high, and tourism demand suppressed by the epidemic will be further released.

Third, governments at all levels attach importance to the development of the tourism industry. With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic, tourism companies have begun to resume work and production, especially after the reopening of inter-provincial team tourism, regional tourism has gradually recovered.

During this period, the government and tourism companies will go all out to do the relevant work.

In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, a large number of outbound tourism demand has returned, which will further stimulate consumption in the domestic tourism and vacation market.

  The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is an opportunity for tourism companies to show their talents. This year, major companies will prepare early.

The Ctrip platform currently has more than 4,000 travel agencies launching tens of thousands of travel products, covering dozens of themes and sub-cultural fields; Alibaba's travel platform Fliggy announced the launch of a 10 billion yuan subsidy program, the first phase covering 100,000 in 100 cities across the country Hotels, before National Day, will further cover transportation, scenic parks, etc.; Tongcheng Travel also launched a 1 billion yuan subsidy program...

  Not only are online travel platforms, but offline stores are not far behind.

According to Yang Shuai, a salesperson at a store of UTS Travel, they launched a tour of Populus euphratica with Gansu as the destination, a tour of Zhejiang with the theme of watching tide crabs, and a high-end Tibet tour with the main focus on quality and privacy. Enjoy, as much as possible to bring consumers rich choices.

  As the long holiday approaches, many popular scenic spots are ushering in a peak of bookings. The prices of hotels, homestays, and air tickets are on the rise, and some popular routes appear "difficult to find a ticket" phenomenon.

  Destination grabbing efforts

  Data from several online travel platforms show that the search volume of travel and holiday product reservations in Lijiang, Sanya, Xiamen, Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou and other places is booming.

In addition, a number of distinctive "net celebrity" cities, such as Chongqing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, etc., are not diminishing in popularity. The "3-day to 5-day tour" with these cities as the core is very popular.

  In order to attract tourists, various places have introduced preferential policies.

According to statistics, nearly 1,000 scenic spots across the country have implemented free tickets and discounts.

Among them, Hubei launched the "Traveling with Love and Benefiting Hubei" activity until the end of this year. The province's A-level tourist attractions are open to tourists from all over the country without tickets.

Xinjiang, which has just fully liberalized cross-provincial tourism, is ushering in the most beautiful season. All outdoor scenic spots are ready to welcome guests. Kashgar has implemented 8 items including free admission to A-level scenic spots, preferential accommodation at star hotels, and self-driving tour rewards to all tourists. Tourist preferential policies, all A-level scenic spots in the Altay area also implement a ticket-free policy for national tourists, and launch a number of "traffic + tourism" preferential policies.

  At present, epidemic prevention and control are becoming normal, and while all places open doors to welcome customers, epidemic prevention and control dare not relax.

"Limits, appointments, and peak shifts" are still the basic requirements that must be adhered to by tourist attractions in various places, and the number of tourists received by the scenic spots shall not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity.

  In addition, according to the requirements, travel agencies should strengthen investigations, do a good job in the collection of tourist information, inspection and registration, and provide necessary protection for drivers, tour guides and tourists, and urge suppliers and partners to check tourist chartered cars, hotel rooms, restaurants and other reception facilities and The premises are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

All tourist attractions should be cleaned and disinfected. At important tourist spots, viewing platforms, traffic connections, narrow passages, ticket-purchasing and catering places, etc., areas that are prone to tourist congestion should be strengthened to prevent gatherings and guide tourists to ensure safety.

  The proportion of self-driving tours may increase

  Chen Nan predicted that during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, cultural tourism products that combine local cultural characteristics and tourism resources will be sought after by consumers, the proportion of self-driving tours will further increase, and health tourism will become a new trend.

  The data shows that the number of tourists who chose to travel by car during the National Day holiday in 2019 reached 30.57%.

Affected by the epidemic this year, choosing self-driving travel is more in line with public health and safety needs, and it is expected that the proportion of self-driving travel may further increase.

Ctrip car rental data shows that in September, car rentals have been tense during the holiday period, and bookings for popular models in popular provinces such as Hainan are tight.

  "Compared with group tours, self-driving tours and RV tours have the advantages of small gatherings and large spaces. Generally, family and friends are together and self-service is realized in the car. Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, more and more People are willing to choose this way of traveling." Liu Hanqi, Secretary-General of the Self-driving Travel and Camping and RV Branch of the China Travel Car and Ship Association, said that from the tourism data during the May 1st period this year, the proportion of self-driving travel during the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival is expected to reach 65%. 70%, hope that the relevant departments will further improve the level of infrastructure and public services. Self-driving travel is not a simple change in the way of travel. It requires more travel routes suitable for self-driving in various places, focusing on increasing the experience and participation of self-driving tourists.

  Chen Nan said that with the increase in consumer income and the improvement in quality of life, the demand for tourism has become personalized and differentiated. In recent years, the rise of small-scale mid-to-high-end team tours such as private groups and customized tours has fully demonstrated The people's yearning and pursuit of a better life.

  The change in consumer awareness and the impact of the epidemic are accelerating the growth of demand for personalized and high-quality travel. The performance of exquisite small group tours and customized tours is also worth looking forward to.