He said, presenting at a government meeting a forecast of Russia's socio-economic development for 2020-2023, that the ruble exchange rate "has been adjusted towards weakening, taking into account the easing of monetary policy, as well as a return to the budgetary rule in 2022."

The ministry believes that at the moment "the ruble is somewhat undervalued due to an increased risk assessment on the part of investors."

“We expect the ruble rate to return to fundamental values ​​at the end of this - beginning of next year,” Reshetnikov said.

Further, according to him, "on the forecast horizon, the ruble will moderately weaken."

At the same time, as the minister notes, "in real effective terms, the exchange rate will remain stable, which will help maintain the competitiveness of the Russian economy and create conditions for the growth of non-resource exports."

Earlier, the leading researcher at Moscow State University economist Andrey Kolganov gave a forecast of the ruble exchange rate.

In an interview with Newinform, he called a scenario unlikely, according to which by the end of 2020 the Russian currency will be at 70 rubles per dollar.