Points for purchasing foods that are "useful for health promotion" Start nationwide September 16 16:11

A major trading company started a point service nationwide from the 16th, which can be used to pay for local medical institutions and drug stores when purchasing foods that are said to be useful for health promotion.

This service, which Mitsui & Co. starts in collaboration with 30 food manufacturers, is a mechanism that collects points when you purchase foods that are said to be useful for health promotion, such as those that reduce salt content and display functionality.

If you read the QR code with a dedicated app, points according to the product will be registered and can be used for payment at medical institutions, drug stores, and sports clubs in all regions of the country.

Manufacturers will pay cash for points given to consumers, but they say that they can directly use purchasing data in a non-personally identifiable manner.

Daichi Fukushima, president of Mitsui & Co.'s subsidiary, which operates the service, said, "I want to use the data to create products that match consumers' health consciousness."