China News Service Client Beijing, September 16th (Reporter Xie Yiguan) In order to better improve children’s visual environment during reading and writing tasks, the China Consumers Association joined forces with Jiangsu Consumer Rights Protection Committee, Zhejiang Consumer Rights Protection Committee and Zhejiang Taizhou Consumer Rights Protection Committee conducted a comparative test of reading and writing table lamps and found that among 73 samples, only 12 samples had good test indicators.

  The sample information shows that among the 73 models, 36 models are purchased online, 37 models are purchased from offline shopping malls, supermarkets and wholesale markets; 58 models are portable plug-in lamps, and 15 models are portable rechargeable lamps; 70 One is LED light source, and three are self-ballasted fluorescent lamps.

The sample unit price ranges from 30 yuan to 1649 yuan, of which 65 are touch switches.

There are 51 brands in total, including 46 domestic brands and 5 foreign brands.

  The inspection items mainly include safety and performance.

Safety items include: marking, structure, protection against electric shock, blue light level; performance items include: power cord, shading, illuminance and uniformity of illuminance, color temperature, general color rendering index, flicker, product information.

For rechargeable desk lamps, three items are added: capacity test of rechargeable battery, high temperature external short circuit, and battery identification requirements.

  Specifically, in terms of safety items, the 19 samples of Liangliang Lighting, Little Doctor, Huaxiong and other brands are incompletely marked on the label, mainly because the power factor, number of light sources, and product models are not marked.

The user manual does not provide power factor information, and does not mark the safety warning about replacing the light source. If the user blindly replaces a low power factor light source, it will cause a waste of power in the power distribution network.

  In terms of structure, after inspection, there are 9 samples with unreasonable structural design. Among them, 6 samples of brands such as Xianghui, Humubao, and Lihuada were dumped during the 6° smoothness test.

It is worth noting that the lamp may fall on the user's body or head after falling over, causing physical injury.

If the temperature of the light source is high, it may cause burns.

The structure design of reading and writing table lamp comparison test situation

  In terms of anti-electric shock protection and blue light level, after testing, all samples can be effectively protected in anti-electric shock protection, and the blue light is within the safe value.

  In terms of performance testing, according to regulations, the exposed length of the power cord shall not be less than 1.8m.

In this comparison test, there are 14 sample power cords that are less than 1.8 meters in length, which will affect the convenience of use, involving brands such as Philips, Baostar, and Osram.

  In terms of shading performance, after testing, there are two samples whose shading index exceeds the shading requirement of the GB/T 9473-2017 standard ≤ 2000cd/㎡, namely Songwei plug-in table lamp and Osram plug-in table lamp.

Too high a value may cause strong glare to the eyes and affect the comfort of use.

  Sufficient and uniform illuminance can ensure that the eyes have a good degree of recognition for reading and writing tasks. Too low illuminance will affect the clarity and comfort of the lighting and cause visual fatigue.

After testing, among the 73 samples, the illuminance or uniformity of the illuminance of the 45 samples did not meet the Class A requirements.

Samples of brands such as Philips, Midea, Op, Sanxiong·Aurora, Haier and Gome are among them.

  In terms of color temperature, according to regulations, the color temperature of LED light sources and LED lamps used for long-term work or staying places should not be higher than 4000K.

Generally, the light with a color temperature of about 4000K is soft and slightly yellow, which is more suitable for reading.

This test found that there are 24 samples with a color temperature higher than 4000K, involving brands such as Op, Philips, Dr. Edward, and Tencent.

  In the general color rendering index, the stipulation is not less than 80.

However, in this comparative test, the general color rendering index of 9 samples was lower than 80.

They are brand samples such as Little Doctor, Huaxiong, Dijiadi, and Guangxibao.

If the color rendering index is too low, the color of the object cannot be displayed correctly, causing color distortion, which has a greater impact on comfort, and is likely to cause visual fatigue and damage eyesight.

  At the same time, if the stroboscopic light of the lamp is severe, the uncomfortable reaction of ordinary people is headache and dizziness. For a very small number of patients with photosensitive epilepsy, the stroboscopic may cause seizures.

In this comparative test, 69 samples performed well, 2 samples were of low risk level, and 2 samples were of high risk level.

They are Philips plug-in desk lamp with specification 69204 and OSRAM plug-in desk lamp with specification SMT-12WT4-BK.

Stroboscopic test situation of reading and writing desk lamp

  The test also found that the product information of 29 samples of mijia, OP, Kangming, Sanxiong·Aurora and other brands is incomplete; one third (5 models) of the rechargeable table lamp battery capacity is less than its stated value, including Liangliang lighting, Brands such as Dijiadi and Longjiu; 1 sample failed the high-temperature external short circuit test, which is the Shishida rechargeable table lamp of the Future Star X8; there are also 3 batteries with incomplete markings, which are for Daoyuan·Bright eyes and Shida , Deli and other brand samples.

  For this reason, the Consumers Association reminds you to choose products with complete marks; try to buy products with illuminance and uniformity index of A level; try to choose high color rendering index lamps; avoid using exposed LED light sources, which may cause damage to eyesight ; Try to avoid choosing a glossy desktop, which will reflect the brightness of the lamp, and the reflected glare may cause visual fatigue; choose a product with a suitable color temperature, not more than 4000K; buy on demand according to the use environment.