How far is "hardcore" AI entering the house?

  Our reporter Sun Qiru

  Hungry, the kitchen robot cooks a steak for you that is comparable to the Michelin restaurant standard.

Don't want to drive, call an unmanned car to let the "old AI driver" take a ride.

If you want to talk to yourself 20 years ago, a "virtual person" can bring your past self to your eyes.

  5G cloud driving, robot chef, virtual assistant...With the continuous advancement of AI, 5G and other technologies, the new roles brought by these AIs are gradually entering the lives of ordinary people.

  AI new career fancy debut

  In the past, unmanned vehicles that people can try and experience are not "unmanned", and there will be safety officers sitting in the driving position.

A few days ago, in the Beijing Shougang Park, a fully driverless vehicle without a driver or safety officer made its debut at the Baidu World Congress 2020.

There was no one in the driver's seat, and the "AI old driver" drove the test passengers to the end.

  However, passengers do not have to rely solely on "AI drivers."

When the unmanned vehicle encounters road closures caused by road repairs in the park, passengers worry that the unmanned vehicle will not be able to autonomously resolve the siege. Click the button on the back seat screen of the unmanned vehicle, and the help information is immediately displayed in the 5G cloud driver control cabin. on the screen.

After receiving a request for help, the 5G cloud driver, which is assumed by humans, can take over the driverless vehicle and change it to a parallel driving state to help the vehicle solve the problem.

When the unmanned vehicle successfully drove back to the open position, the "AI old driver" took over again, and the vehicle returned to a fully unmanned state.

  In the future, the robot that first walks into your home to help you cook and make coffee may not be a humanoid robot that is highly similar to humans, but a dexterous robotic arm that has learned the rich experience of humans.

  Recently, Ronin Smart, founded by the founding team of well-known technology companies such as Xiaomi, Tencent, Cheetah, IBM, and Qualcomm, released a number of smart technology products.

Among them, the Ronin kitchen robot learned the skill of grilling steak from the three-star chef of Michelin. It can complete the whole process of grilling, cooking broccoli, and drawing dishes with black pepper sauce. It only takes 7 minutes to complete an exquisite dish for people. Michelin restaurant-level dishes can be quickly prepared at home.

By the end of next year, 100 villas will land this kitchen robot.

  In addition, Ruying CEO Tang Mu revealed that another coffee robot developed by the team had already made its debut at the Service Trade Fair, and has now landed in coffee shops in many shopping malls such as China World Trade Center.

Heart-shaped, leaves, tulips and other garland patterns, American, latte, cappuccino and other flavors, the coffee robot can be made with dexterous hands in 1.5 minutes.

  The god of sushi in Japan makes sushi, the Michelin chef in Italy cooks steak, and the coffee latte champion makes latte...These human masters have accumulated skills accumulated through countless exercises and decades of experience. Now robots are using "hands and brains" ", learn from human masters and strive for perfect reproduction.

  Technical climbing to overcome landing problems

  "Do you have any wishes?" "I want to be a news network anchor." "You will not only become a news network anchor, but you will also go to the Spring Festival Gala." This is the Baidu World Conference, CCTV host Kang Hui and " "Kang Hui virtual person" dialogue.

  In fact, this Kang Hui virtual person named "Xiaokang" was generated based on Kang Hui's news broadcast video data 20 years ago.

Also appearing at the same scene was the virtual person "Xiao Li" of Baidu Chairman Robin Li.

Not only is the image, action, and sound close to the real person, the virtual person can chat with people smoothly, and even two virtual people can talk to each other.

It is reported that this is also the world's first terminal virtual human with cognitive capabilities and machine-to-machine conversations.

  "Behind the virtual person is the comprehensive application of Baidu's multiple AI technologies such as vision, speech, language and knowledge." Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng introduced.

  The core technology background supporting virtual humans and fully driverless vehicles is Baidu Brain 6.0.

Based on the 550 billion massive knowledge points mastered and the "knowledge-enhanced continuous learning semantic understanding" technology, the AI ​​brain can synthesize different information such as speech, language, and vision, realize cross-modal semantic understanding, and obtain a unified understanding of the world.

With this ability, the machine can understand speech, understand images and videos, understand language, and then understand the real world.

  Like humans, countless training and learning exercises are a must for AI virtual humans, AI chefs, and AI baristas to go from rookie to master.

The person in charge of Ronin Intelligence revealed that the control and learning system of the kitchen robot manipulator developed by it was independently developed by the team.

How many seconds does a Michelin restaurant-standard steak taste the best?

With just this little detail in grilling steak, the kitchen robot has done hundreds of experiments with its own Michelin chef teacher.

  Cutting-edge technologies such as human-computer interaction still need to be broken

  Although there are more and more intelligent products entering life, the application of hard-core robots and virtual humans for barrier-free communication and interaction with humans still takes time.

  "A 13-nanometer bulge on the surface of an object can be sensed by human hands. This is equivalent to perceiving a moving car on the earth. It is very difficult for a robot to do this." Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence Chang Dai Qionghai said.

  Dai Qionghai said that allowing robotic hands to interact with the environment flexibly like human hands is a hot topic in academic and industrial research.

In fields such as tactile sensors and smart optoelectronic chips that solve the problem of traditional chip performance ceilings, my country still faces many technical problems to be overcome and catch up.

  "To be able to make a humanoid robot like in a science fiction novel, I think from a technical and academic point of view, only 5% can be done so far, and 95% of it has not yet been achieved." Kaifu Li, Chairman of Innovation Works Say.