Han Busker gives up after one term as chairman of the FNV trade union.

Busker will stop in March 2021 after four years as foreman of the largest trade union in the Netherlands, FNV announced on Wednesday.

In March, the nearly one million members of FNV will elect a new chairman.

Busker experienced four turbulent years at the union, in which, among other things, a new pension agreement was concluded and he sat at the table to negotiate the corona support packages.

"In the past period we have achieved an incredible amount for our members," says the FNV leader.

"After ten years of discussion, we have managed to get the pension system fairer and future-proof with the other unions," Busker said.

"In addition, with strict requirements in the collective labor agreements, we have ensured more good wage increases and permanent jobs. And no one in this country dares to say that a flexible and therefore uncertain labor market must be the future."

The sixty-year-old Busker stops after one term, which means that he stays on for less time than his predecessors.

For example, the previous FNV chairman Ton Heerts finished a term and a half and Agnes Jongerius was chairman of the union for almost eight years.

"When I was asked to become chairman four years ago, I said that I would be happy to do that, and for one period. I will stick to that agreement," Busker said on Wednesday.

It is not yet known who will succeed the union chairman.

Candidates can register until November 2, after which the election will take place between February 4 and March 9.