Tuesday, 15 September 2020 - 22:48

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  • Fresh money.

    Casado has received zero calls from the Ibex since August: "They will come when the stock falls further"

Not only did he accept in minutes the invitation to close the general assembly of the Madrid employers' association, but, after his extensive intervention yesterday, he spent more than an hour in private with the CEOE directors present to explain himself.

Both in public and in private, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, asked business leaders for understanding why they do not reach agreements with the Government of Pedro Sánchez, contrary to what the great employers are doing.

He made it explicit in his public intervention

: "Understand us, we cannot be accomplices."

And later in private he pointed out the risk that the PP supposes to be seen as a partner in the budgets and other economic measures of "a government without direction and without a compass."

Yesterday's is the first business event that Casado stars in since the successful Monclovita call on August 31, where Sánchez managed to bring together the main presidents of the Ibex.

The president of the CEOE employer, Antonio Garamendi, and that of the Madrid-based CEIM, Miguel Garrido, offered him this platform yesterday, which Casado thanked

and expressed with a long speech.

Between the part with cameras and discreet, he stayed more than two hours at the event.

Garamendi gave him a cable in his previous speech: «We talk about open dialogue.

We need open dialogue,

but it is important, and this is also said by the Government, that when some propose, they also listen to others


Garrido, who is also vice president of CEOE, described it as a "real privilege" that the head of the opposition closed the general assembly of the Madrid employers' association and explained privately to the leader of the PP that he had invited Sánchez and that the president of the Government had not even responded, despite the fact that CEIM is one of the most relevant business organizations of CEOE.

Garamendi surprised when he was absent during part of Casado's intervention, because he had an international videoconference, but the PP leader downplayed it.

In addition, the Basque later rejoined the private part of the meeting with him.

Garamendi is described as a "statesman" by the Government, unlike Casado, but yesterday he did not hide in huddles from the leader of the PP his sting for the government's treatment.

He assured him that his pactista spirit is not being reciprocated by the ministers through, for example, an advance of draft decrees or agreements.

Casado told him that he was convinced that the Government

had some kind of advance information gesture with CEOE within the social dialogue, but the Basque replied that it had not

, according to testimonies collected by this newspaper.

This episode reaffirms to Casado that Sánchez is not reliable enough to reach state pacts and that he only seeks accomplices for erroneous or unpopular measures.

The popular leader guaranteed "full collaboration with the government", but to save companies or measures that he considers sensible "and not to raise taxes, repeal the labor reform, touch pensions or salaries of officials or self-employed quotas."

Casado praised the role of companies during the pandemic in nod to the hosts, although he was selective.

Of "the big companies", he only mentioned Inditex, "the largest"

and avoided mentioning the main banks, whose presidents were exhibited in the photo with Sánchez, or Telefónica.

The leader of the PP also highlighted the role of small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed and announced the presentation of a proposal in Parliament to extend the grace period for credits endorsed by the Official Credit Institute (ICO) for one more year. ).

It was just one of the relief measures requested in the same act of CEIM, by its president, Miguel Garrido.

Casado reiterated his promise to lower taxes and considered it compatible with the current drain on the public coffers due to the pandemic.

Garamendi criticized that the Government hides the cost of ERTE and demanded that it explain the amount of benefits and exemptions.

The Ministry of Labor has been providing its part and the Ministry of Social Security began yesterday to pass on precise data, according to sources from the Department.

Garamendi and Casado agreed on the "legal insecurity" generated by the Government.

The CEOE president stressed that they are trying to introduce changes in the labor reform without an agreement with the employer at such a delicate moment for employment.

And Casado gave as an example the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado.

"It cannot be that he is dedicated to defending the Government he named her," he said after the decision not to see a crime and request the filing of complaints against the Executive of Pedro Sánchez for the management of the pandemic.

"I already warned that a socialist deputy involved in an extortion scandal could not be appointed prosecutor," he added in a new argument to justify why he does not reach agreements with the Moncloa tenant.

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