The automotive supplier Continental wants to close more locations than previously known.

According to the company, the Aachen tire plant is to be closed by the end of 2021.

The reasons are high losses due to the Corona crisis and structural change in the auto industry.

The closure would affect 1,800 jobs.

However, this has not yet been finally decided.

The union IG BCE criticized Continental’s plans: "The clear cutting cannot be justified by the transformation of the auto industry or the corona crisis," said the union’s board member, Francesco Grioli.

"That is simply painting for the sake of painting," continues Grioli.

The tire division is still considered to be comparatively profitable.

A total of 13,000 jobs in Germany are affected

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, carmakers around the world stopped production for a few weeks in the second quarter of the year - with consequences for suppliers.

Continental recorded the sharpest drop in sales in the electronics, sensor technology and brake systems business, but also in the drive division.

There was also a clear decline in the tire and plastics technology business.

Continental had already announced at the beginning of September that it would tighten its ongoing austerity and corporate restructuring.

The company assumes that there will be global effects on 30,000 of the over 232,000 jobs - 13,000 of which are located in Germany.

According to the company, the jobs are to be "changed, relocated or given up".

The German plants in Babenhausen, Roding, Mühlhausen and Karben are affected.

Closures are also possible in Italy and the USA.