Guillaume Faury, executive chairman of Airbus.


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  • On Friday, the executive chairman of Airbus wrote a letter to all employees of the aeronautical group, hit hard by the health crisis and which provides for the elimination of 5,000 jobs in France including 3,500 in Toulouse.

  • For the first time, he indicates that it seemed unlikely to him that voluntary departures were sufficient.

  • The unions, for their part, continue to oppose any redundancies as negotiations continue.

The recovery hoped for during the summer did not take place.

This was confirmed by Guillaume Faury, the executive chairman of Airbus, in a letter sent Friday to all employees of the aeronautical group.

In this letter, he indicates that each of them must prepare for the consequences of the coronavirus that are much greater than expected.

On June 30, the management announced the elimination of 15,000 jobs worldwide, including 5,000 in France.

While in April the issue was not relevant, at the beginning of August, the CEO of Airbus refused to make any commitments on the issue of forced departures, the number of candidates for voluntary departure being far from reaching the figure of 5,000 in France by 2021.

"Unlikely that voluntary departures will suffice"

“The management team works in consultation with the social partners on the terms of our adaptation plan.

But I want to be transparent with you here: it seems unlikely to me that voluntary departures will be enough, ”he explained in a letter produced by

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“This letter is part of the ongoing dialogue between senior management and Airbus employees, which is crucial in these difficult times to ensure transparency and share information with its staff around the world.

This is not the first time and it will not be the last ”, indicates the management of the European aircraft manufacturer requested by

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See you mid-October

The unions, which have been going from meeting to meeting in recent days, remain opposed to any dismissal.

“Thursday, there is a fifth meeting on voluntary departures.

For the moment, we count 1 thousand interested parties, especially early retirement or pre-retirement measures.

Today, we are fighting to extend the eligibility agreement for early cessation of activity by one year, if we manage to negotiate it, it will affect more people.

It is expensive but we must give ourselves the means ”, pleads Florent Veletchy, central CFDT union delegate from Airbus.

For him, the current negotiations are a bit at a standstill, "there are sticking points as with this type of request".

In the meantime, in the ranks of the European aircraft manufacturer, concern is growing, especially when the prospect of dry layoffs seems more and more in the scenarios considered by management.

Measures which should be known within a month, a meeting on the majority agreement between unions and management being set for October 15.

In August, Airbus recorded a single new order for an ACJ320neo and delivered 39 distributed aircraft.

If the order book of the European aircraft manufacturer remains at a level of 7,501 aircraft, due to the weak recovery in air traffic, the companies are in no hurry to be able to come and take delivery.


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